Ost that got stuck in your head while/after contributing or watching 🎶


Just a moment of the day when you’re doing something and then you begin to hum a song and you’re like, “What is this song? Where did I hear this song?” :confused:
And then you remember it’s from a drama where you contributed (whether you appreciated the drama or not), and here you are looking fort the ost on Youtube because you had to :smiling_imp:

The music that I was humming then, I ended up playing the whole playlist :dizzy_face:
I didn’t really appreciate the drama but the ost got stuck in my head for some reason even after months


Has it ever happened to you?:laughing:


this happens to me all the time.

I have joked with the Heroes Team at Condor that I was going to run “Condor Karaoke” with a bonus for all mandarin lyrics - and I was only half-joking. I can now sign along with Hu Ge on the end lyrics easily…and get most of the front lyrics too. I was hearing that in my SLEEP for a few months. I…was afraid to ask my husband if I was singing it in my sleep as well…

I hear the love song from Demigods without warning some days.

The worst offender right now? BOTH sets of lyrics from A Swordsman in the Wilderness. (laughing). The front lyric is a jaunty little tune…you can find yourself humming that one. The end one is very pensive and moody - I wake up hearing that one some mornings.

It’s almost like you meet a friend you haven’t seen in awhile though - you hear the OST in your head, and then you MUST go watch that drama again. NIF…I hear the end theme again with Hu Ge. That’s my cue to see NIF again.

Another one I find difficult to avoid…Warrior Baek Dong Soo. That is still an amazing drama with music that is hard to put down. I hear that one again lately in my head…and it’s time to go pay the Sky Lord and Sword Saint another visit…when I am well enough to enjoy it.

Sometimes a drama will share a folk song with another drama - a couple of K dramas have the same folk song in them. You’ll hear it again and remember the other drama too. :slight_smile:

Some music though…Yeah I can’t think of the Six Flying Dragons theme without wanting to see parts of that again too!

Okay let’s face it. Worked on more dramas than watched lately. Must WBDS soon! :slight_smile:

Cool topic. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut


I changed my post so you can share for any dramas you watched or ones where you contributed :slight_smile:

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눈을 감아도
이현 (Hyun Lee)
돌아와요 아저씨 OST

It was during the times I started or discovered Asian dramas, I got really absorbed by it, it was a “whole new world” to me, so I remember them more than the ones I watch today.

  • Ost from SEGA, Secret Garden, in particular “That Man”, Hyun Bin’s version
    and from Osca’s “Here I am”,
  • Mary Stayed All Night Out" Jang Geun Seok’s tracks, Hello, Hello, My Bus
    My Precious, I wil Promiss You.
  • You are beautiful, Anjell’s, Ottokayo… with JGS and PSH
  • Princess’ Man, I loved the entire OST! Today, I love you too by Baek Ji Young

This and yes I know the Swedish translation so when I hear the Chinese my mind translates it, because this series has many episodes it’s really stuck (when working on something you hear it so many times)…