Other than Korean etc. Russian!

I chose something on Netflix this weekend, cause its a fan channel here. But this is a neat show, called silverspoon on Netflix and Major here on Viki. that poor rich kid had to go through a lot from his team mates, but hes the one that solved the crime, this was a good watch, you will want to laugh, cry , and even strangel the guys and maybe the kid too. so I am talking about a Russian show, was quite good.

I only remember very old Russian fairytales that were made during the cold times, one is Mrazik (Icefather) and the history of young Genghis Khan called Mongol (2007), my absolute favorite I saw years ago on a streaming site.

I think this is another aera that I may just start watching, not just Russian, but the rest of the countries that are here on Viki! theres a lot too!