Our Kpop world,biases and feels! [funny memes, quotes]

i know that there’s already a topic for kdrama memes and quotes, and i didnt want to overtake that with the kpop memes. so here you are! our place to express our feels when no one else understands our addiction,through memes!

(you can also post kdrama stuff to, but just know theres a topic for that already.)

this 1st is TOTTALLY me:

i HATE when they tell me this. like, who are you? lol:

where i will be going soon:




Hahah This Idea is good :smiley: xD

Now I like this Meme, because I laughed so hard when I saw this xD

Yes, yes those people don’t know, they don’t understand anything -_-

Haha, Evertime xD

Please, please stop that -

Don’t say to every Eastasian Chinese xD

And those are just for fun:

Those were just some of the Photos, which express my feels, and thinks xDD

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA thank you for this girls @b2utybubbles love them

I have 150 memes on my phone sooooo it will take too long to post all of them :smiley:

HAHAHAHA that chinese thing never dies. they are all wonderful races okay! just know how to distinguish them, thanks. lol

LOL ikr?! that gagnam style thing… never dies either.

hahahaha rain sunny thunder rotfl!

HAHAHAHA the first two always kill me!!! i remember them xDDD why WHY must they may fun of our kpop men??? >.<

im glad you guys joined, girls! @ran_chan_5

Hahahahhaha yeah I think you know the most of my memes we already showed them off in too many topics


LOLOLOL what the heck is right… what the heck? lolol

that is soo funny. yea we had allot everywhere :X

Haha, we have to xDD

You are just so right >_>

Kim Woo Bin picture xDD Laugh my ass off xDDD

I was the same D;

I really should be studying now >_>

I think the same, but I think of Shinee’s “Why so serious?” xD

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Lolol same here… lying in my bed trying to study 9 sheets of politics and economy for tomorrow… I gotta go now @b2utybubbles
It’s 11pm time to sleep or I will end up sleeping in class

omg that sounds like college work O.O
wow, this was hours ago… but anyeong and goodnight my friend!

well, when you see this it’ll probably be morning, so good morning!

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Yeah actually I can’t find a comparison to a school there the school system is too different. And yeah I sooo failed in this exam I hope it won’t mess up my good grades I had before, in my school report. I need luck In this case :smiley:

GOOD LUCK! :open_mouth: You will definitely have a good grade :slight_smile: I hope xD :smiley:

Yeah the school system is very different and complicated ‘-’ >_>

LOL thats hilarious!

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HAHAHAHA the one about how to meet your bias xDD

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best wishes to all the best on that test! dont worry, you will pass x) have confidence!


Thanks girl !! Month and a half to go and then i am free lol
15.07 is the day our teachers have to give in our grades so the final day.

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Thought I would share something too :smiley:

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<img src="//0.viki.io/94064112fe88852214 0de616feb0c87fa4600319c7a3.jpg?o=c" width=“500” height=“500”>