Our Viki collections - how are they ordered?

It’s not a life-or-death problem, but I’ve been curious about the criteria of the order in our personal collections.
It’s not alphabetical order, it’s not order added either. It’s not chronological order (date show was aired or came to Viki) either.
Then what?
In each “page” I can see only ten shows and there is a “Next” arrow on the bottom. As you can easily understand, my Watched collection, which has more than 200 titles, is not easy to navigate.
There is no skipping to other pages or to the end, and there is no search either.
The way I see it, Collections are useful only if you have a limited number of shows in them.
For instance, the “Watching Now” collection has less than 10 titles, so it fits in one page and we’re good, I can easily go to any of them, and it’s useful to me.
The Watch Later, though, is another pair of sleeves. Been growing and growing - a gal also has to work and take care of house and kids, right?

Oh, another thing. Minor, but a bit clumsy: when you add a title in a collection, there is no way of knowing whether it’s already there. It doesn’t tell you “Don’t add, you’ve already added it”.


@irmar I’m glad you brought this up - the collections section is one of my favorite tools on Viki. Likewise I’ve hundreds of dramas on my Watched collection, it would be so ideal if one could more easily add and view large lists.

My main issue is with To Watch collections, I organize them by year, starting with pre-2010, then 2011 thru each year to 2020, so over ten collections. Of course when I first started, the years were in backwards order as I wished, but over time they have (seemingly) randomly shifted out of order. I’ve tried to figure out why, but all I can gather is when I add a larger number of dramas to a particular list, that collection moves to the top, although this doesn’t always happen. (BTW I mostly use iOS Viki) I also have many other Collections that I would like to be able to sort.

I would love if we could add upgrading the Collections “tools” to a Viki improvement wishlist.

1.) a tool to allow users to manually shift or reorder their collections. (I remember years ago, the early days of Facebook, users could manually select and move their FB photo albums to a chosen order, and also move the order of the photos within the albums- so I think this type of tool is possible here on Viki.)
2.) redesign the Collections, so when one opens it, the drama thumbnails expand (full page on iOS), similar to the Following section, allowing the larger collections to scroll infinitely without having to click Next-arrows/pages. (This is one of my peeves, how tiny the thumbnails are on iOS, one can’t even see all of the title text)
3.) If manually shifting collections isn’t possible, it would be great to be able to simply sort them by title, and other options.

I’ll probably come up with more wishlist ideas later :smiley_cat:


Yes to all of those, they are great ideas!

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It’s not? :thinking: When I add to my Collections, the shows stay in the order that I add them. This goes for if I use my laptop or my phone.

I have a ‘watched and liked them’ collection and a ‘My Favorites’ collection and also a ‘not available in my region’ collection.

Stuff I want to watch I put in the ‘following’ section. Once I’ve seen them, I move them to a collection and remove it from the ‘following’ section.

Yea, I won’t live long enough to see everything I want to watch.

Maybe on that moment. But when you come back they’re jumbled again. Right now, if I go to my “Watched” list, the first on the top is “Beethoven Virus” from two years ago!

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I noticed that in general the shows are in the order that I add them, although sometimes shows at the end of the list are out of order. I have not found them to be out of order if I go back at a later time. Could the problem be device specific? I’m either on a Windows laptop using Chrome or Firefox or on an Android phone.

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Hello everyone!
Are we no longer allowed to upload a cover to our fan collections?

As soon as you create a collection and you click on “upload a cover” and nothing else happens. It is like that option has been disabled for a while.

I have seen this issue since December 2021.

New fan collections look plain gray

@vikicommunity @amyk @giant_sean

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Try to upload from app, i think it works

I will try. Thanks! But if you try from a computer it doesn’t work.

Yay! THANK YOU. It worked. I had to use my phone.

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Yes, i experienced it long back.
Glad it worked for you.

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