Park Hyung Sik (박형식) - Official Thread

Welcome to Park Hyung Sik’s Discussions thread! Chat about the ZE:A member and actor whose roles include “Heirs” and “What Happens to My Family?”

FUN FACT: Hyung Sik was in the reality show “The Romantic & Idol” and was paired with 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun in the show. He is reunited with her in his drama “What Happens To My Family.”

He shined in High Society. He was one of the best parts of that drama. It was hard to see him cry.

I adore this guy. He plays perfectly for the type of guy who teases the one he likes and makes it really hilarious to the point you want to hit him if you were the girl in the drama. I enjoy watching his works. I currently adore him in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the show was extremely funny. I liked him in High Society as well, he really brought out the torture of a high society socialite that had to struggle to find a way for him and the woman he loved to be accepted by his family.

I hope to see him a few more serious drama’s where he is more tougher.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon absolutely stole my heart :cupid::heartbeat:but him as the second lead in Hwarang left me totally devastated :broken_heart::gift_heart: I’m so glad the new drama trend is of the supportive and sweet male lead and Park HyungSik just shines in any role. He could act as the most evil villain ever and still pull it off…looking forward to lots more from him :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY a discussion about the king Hyung Sik !!!

I have an important question. Is he really in a relationship with Park Bo Young or it’s just rumors ? Please answer me, it’s really really important for me.

He killed me in all of his tv shows : in strong woman… for his kindness, in Hwarang for all haha and in high society for his body gaaaawdd.