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Hey @frustratedwriter How are you? I’m not on here much anymore so wanted to say Thinking of You! Hope you are well.


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For Fumi’s channel is lit! :joy:
Especially the Which would you choose? Post.
:heavy_heart_exclamation: It :100:! :smile:


KDRAMA! So good to hear from you! yes I have been thinking lately, of not being on here much either.
and I am well.




and again maybe I am just expecting too much. oh sure a message on the messenger , but no phone calls, oh well thats ok I guess.


Time to prepare for some trips to mountain for hiking and relaxing in general way. I want to test my climbing equipment which I bought few weeks a ago and got subscription of everest caliber membership



For hiking, and/or herbs? Do share!


Loneliness doesn’t come from being alone. It comes from feeling that nobody cares.

and then this comes along


The Holidays are such a drag. But I’m looking forward to the delicious food. :yum:


Excerpt -
“I’m not just the God of perfect people. I’m not just the God of people who never make a mistake. I’m the God of people who have failed. I’m the God of people who have blown it.” You may have made mistakes, but be encouraged. You may have lost your temper, struggled with an addiction, or compromised your integrity. Don’t beat yourself up. He is the God of Jacob. He is your God, too.











Mine is to listen more



well, being we celebrate mothers day this Sunday, I wish you moms out there a happy mothers day!


one more



oh dear! I forgot moms cake!!!





Happy mothers day!