Percentage of translation accuracy

First, before anyone misunderstands, I appreciate the work of the volunteers and am grateful. But I have a question, how is the percent translated get calculated? Recently, I have found episodes that claim 80+% with large gaps, particularly gaps in key aspects of the plot. The problem is that when we see 80 or more, you say, ok, I can risk it. Is there a way to get some better QA on the percentage translated? There does not seem to be follow through afterwards to see the episode to completion.

Again, thanks to all who volunteer to share their language skills. We are grateful.

Have you read this discussion yet?

So when you found some particular gaps in key aspect of the plot, it might because the subbers were not fluent enough to fill in so they just moved on and let other subbers (or the editor) try to fill in.


Subbing is essentially two basic parts: 1. segmenting (like timing when the translations will appear), and 2. translating. The percentage translated is simply how many segments are filled in.

Like tasya said, gaps in the middle are probably due to the translators not being as fluent.
It’s usually the best stuff stuff or (what I think are) unnecessary details that generally use words not in the ‘conversational language’. Since the mentality is to sub as much as you can, it’s the hard stuff that gets left at the end, when someone comes in to fill it in.

Personally, I don’t think I’d watch a show less than like 95% complete if I need subs.


It’s like Tasya says, and the subbers cannot fill the missing parts.

It’s also about the segments of the video. If one episode is not fully segmented, when you write the subtitles/transcription and you fill them up, the episode will mark 80+%. Because that IS the percentage of subtitles made. The problem is the segments are not finished.

And with that you start a whole new topic about the management of the channel and why they let the subtitlers/transcribers start without the segments completed. And I do not want to go there. I hope this help you a little bit.

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Thanks, I will stop my greed and wait for 95%

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