Pet lovers 🐹 🐈 🐕 🐧


I saw so many profile pictures with cute pets that I thought it would be nice to know more about your companions :smile:
Sharing your stories, other pictures, tips… Whatever you want to talk about your lovely friend!

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wow no one shared? well I will at the moment I have a tuxedo cat and a dog chiwawa which is mispelled. they are my companions. some people may laugh, but they are family to me. JJ is my little dog, I take him for walks or is it the other way around? my cat Virgil is independent and does his own thing. I guess us senior folks need that companionship

I have one dog—a 14 lb Malshi (Maltese / Shih Tzu), who is turning three next month. He is my best friend, son (I know lol), and my favorite companion. I have photos of him, but it’s mainly him being a goof ball. Anyways, we got him from a shop (which we do not recommend… we were new dog owners).
I recommend getting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue. Those are the best. As animals from shops are from pet mills (majority dog mills), which are the worst thing ever. I volunteer at an animal shelter near me and I love it. Animals there are required to be fixed before leaving, which is great because the population of animals are rising.
Some tips to new dog owners… don’t unleash your dog without fully trusting your dog. My friend’s dog unfortunately died after escaping the door and getting hit by a car. And when my dog was a couple months old, he always ran out and had incidents of almost getting ran over.

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We have two dogs. A Tosa Inu Noni and Belgian Malinois mix Zeus. Those two are my best buddies, my stress relieve and my work out partners. Noni is a little reserved to people (just like me) and Zeus is more social (just like my husband). We are also fostering puppies. So I get the chance to smell the puppy breath every now and then. I’m waiting on my new foster puppy a chocolate lab Chanel. I love to train dogs (hopefully, one day I can be a full time K9 trainer) The best time of the day is to come home to my hubby and my two dogs. BTW both are rescues.

I like dogs. When I was young, I used to raised dogs. Even though I got rabies 7 times, I still love dogs.

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