Petit question

Je me demandais pourquoi dans la section “trouver un projet” il restait des dramas à la traduction terminée depuis un bout de temps. Il ne devrais plus figurer dans cette liste, non?


Yes. it doesn’t make sense to me either. it has happened more than once. And sometimes, the viki staff actually designate a new channel manager, even though that person never helped sub the series originally and the entire series is already subbed completely in several languages. I have written to viki staff about specific dramas and I never have gotten any explanation and the drama remained on the project list for a long long time. This is just one of several mysteries at viki.
This is a specific example. Birth of a Beauty. I was Chief Editor and it was subbed completely in English and many other languages when originally broadcast years ago. When I saw it on the project list it was still available to everyone at viki. i wrote to viki staff and told them the series is already subbed in many languages so why is it on the project board? They COMPLETELY IGNORED my email and never responded. After several months on the project list of new channels seeking a manager, they appointed a new channel manager who then did what? I have no idea. In the US, we have an adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so I did not look at the subs to see if any overwriting of our subs were done.
Even if the original channel manager was no longer active, the drama should NOT have gone on the new project board.
On another old channel, the drama went on the “new” project list even though the original channel manager is and was still active at viki. In that instance, I also told the original manager to write to viki staff. Viki staff wrote to me fairly promptly, thanked me and took the old project off the list.
I have advocated repeatedly over the years, if a channel manager becomes inactive on a channels which has several complete languages, the first people to be asked to be successor manager should be a channel moderator who actually worked on the original broadcast and whose team made complete subs on the drama. This moderator is someone who has invested time and effort on the project. Very very occasionaly, viki staff do ask still active moderators if they want to be successor manager on an old series and then they choose someone from those stating an interest.
Unfortunately, this recycling of old dramas is not the only instance which viki staff have done something incomprehensible or non transparent when it comes to choosing channel managers. I think I may have mentioned in another post viki staff giving the channel manager’s position on an already subbed drama to someone who got QC’ed subbing in lolspeak!!! See viki is an equal opportunity site!


I think it’s good that Viki replaces the inactive CMs since translated in several languages doesn’t mean translated in all languages.
In the past I wanted to translate some older dramas/movies and was unable to do so due to the inactive CM.
I think the main duty of CM in “finished” projects is just being there and responding, if anyone wants to join the team from some smaller language group.
I agree though that the “replacement CM” could be chosen from the people who have worked on the project.

That seems weird. I wonder why that happened. Is it like drawing a random channel to add?

Try to check, if you have set a correct language, I sometimes forget to do that.


:+1: Agree!


J’ai vérifié plusieurs fois que j’étais bien sur les traduction d’anglais à français. Merci pour ta réponse.


Merci pour vos réponses à tous. Je pensais pas que ça serais si rapide. :slight_smile:


Je pense que c’est lié au fait que tout n’est pas à 100%. C’est probablement un script qui réalise la vérification. Si tu regardes le film ou la série, tu ne verras pas de trou. Un exemple, Rooftop Prince devrait s’y trouver alors qu’il ne manque rien.