Philippine Shows

I have notice that I used to watch Philippine dramas here but since my old account ■■■■■■■■ was long forgot and I decided make a new account to be back at Viki. But now, It seems like there’s no Philippine shows? :frowning:

If you also used the same user name here in discussions, you can search, just by typing in the letter of any part you remember. Several choices will pop up, and you’ll likely recover your old account.

As for shows from the Philippines, try typing in on Viki’s show’s search page, the name of a celebrity, and/or the title of the show. They’ll likely add it under other, if they later upload. Put in for a show you want to see, that’s from the Philippines. Use this form:

나두! Me too! It’s also not licensed.

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This is the only one I know and by now, it’s not available for me anymore:

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To me, it seems back then Viki tried to make content from the Philippines popular, but ratings were not that high for most of the channels. We don’t know the streaming numbers, so it’s possible that it did not exceed Viki’s goals and the project was discontinued.
This is all an assumption, based on observation …

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Then it lost its license. I translated it into Dutch maybe about 2 years ago.

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It’s just sad that there are Philippine shows listed here in Viki but is unlicensed. It seems to me that even I request for a Philippine show it will not be showing here due to being channels are created but still unlicensed.

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If they are in the unlicensed section, there’s a good chance they come back someday. :crossed_fingers:t3:

And if we all request the same show, we make more chance.