Physical therapy stuff, need a question answered


ok, I did my physical therapy today (sept 30) my muscles are still quite stiff, heres the question

anyone hear of dry needle therapy, is it anygood, or down to the wire is it a scam, sounds like acupuncture to me. yes the guy is licensed,certified , I did try it today, supposed to release some of the pressure and all. so if anyone knows anything about this procedure I’d like to know, if nothing else email or message me. thanks for your responses

oh and managers of this, if this is a big no-no to put on here, just delete it. thank you for your great work anyway…


My sister tried this a while ago and it was helpful for her. She wrote that she did it because her leg muscles were tangled up. She did 2 treatments and her muscles were sore afterwards, which means they were recovering, so maybe it is also helpful for you. Ah, she also said it was different from acupuncture, but didn’t explain further


The only thing I can say about physical therapy that it works, BUT you have to be careful bc some ppl are ‘‘money hungry,’’ and suggest things on our body that can do more harm than good.

If you don’t like the idea of those ‘‘dry needle therapy’’ go by your ‘‘hunch.’’ Our body can warn us when something is not right. Go by what your ‘‘gut feeling’’ tells you to do.

Get better soon!


yes the PT said it wasn’t acupuncture, and been about 2 hours and my arm& shoulder does feel fine,

angelight, yes I do follow my gut feelings thats why I am asking questions

I so do much want to get better! and of course not rush it, guess I am just wanting to try this, but at this time my arm & shoulder does feel a lot better! not as tight or strained

oh and thanks for the answers


I did get a very good answer, its part of reflexology, and even massage. again thanks for the answers

You answered your own question. If it works for you - it works. Is it a scam? Not if it works for you. You don’t know until you try. Put a needle in the wrong place it can paralyze you, but in the right place, it can block pain (nerve) sensation. Eastern culture has used it for years!

Also related to reflexology and massage therapy.


You can read more about it here:

and this one, a very well-balanced and informative article:


a good sign here for me, since Thursday, the dry needling and all, I haven’t had pain, can move my arm & shoulder much better as well! any yes I am going to bookmark those, to re-read again. must say learned a lot since Thursday!! a good to know one too

thanks, Irmar!!