Piano focused Kdramas?

Hello!! I recently got into piano and it has become a big part of my life. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Kdramas with a really big focus on Piano or a character playing piano.
Thanks so much in advance

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This is a C-drama rather than a K-drama, but there are some wonderful piano pieces in this.

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Would you like other ones as well, not at Viki and older?


Thank you so much I’ll definitely check this out

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OMG thank you! I’m truly overjoyed.
PLEASE DO I would love to see the rest.

Some might no longer be accessible nor available, since they are kind of old:

This one has more than one version:

Some were on Viki, but there is no more license,
I am sure there are more, I can only tell about those who I came across.

P.S.: About K-dramas and piano there is one composer and pianist you should check out Yiruma, if you have not heard of him already.

from Spring Waltz

from Movie A Millionaire’s First Love with Hyun Bin


I haven’t watched this, but I heard it’s pretty good.

Five Fingers in lutra’s post is also another acclaimed drama.
@lutra, I immediately thought of you when I saw this thread opened, I knew you were one of the best for this question. Maybe @mirjam_465 will have some recommendations.

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