Pick 4! Favorite Actresses

Not Everyone Actresses Of Yhur’s Is Here But This are The One i Picked… Pick 4! It May Not Be Hard Since… Sorry if I Missed Yhur Favorite Actress

ohhhh this is hard too!!! X.X okay.

1-Yoon eun hye

2-Park shin hye

3-Lee bo young <3

4-oh this is hard. i really like kim so eun and iu, but i will pick my girl
Lee min jung!! <3


Im Totally In Love With Yhur List… Yhu picked Everyone i was Going to Pick Ndd Yeah. Kinda Hard…!!!

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  1. Shin Min Ah
  2. Yoo In Na
  3. Yoona
  4. IU
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aww thank you i love yoona and iu! yoona does a very good job in her serious and cute roles

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  1. Ha Ji Won
  2. Yoon Eun Hye
  3. Lee Min Jung
  4. Han Hyo Joo

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Yoon Eun Hye because not only can she pull off the whole gender bender thing she is absolutely stunning

Barbie Hsu is the reason I started watching dramas wish she would go back acting she was amazing

Raine Yang LOL what’s not to love about this talented woman

Ariel Lin

Special Mention has to be given to Nakashima Mika who brought my NANA to life…

@AndradaRo @adelinna @andrCris_sch @denisa_lapusan How’d you do that?

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@alienluvah I saved the picture in my computer and then I add the numbers with a program for modify pictures.

Which program is that?

@alienluvah I use PhotoScape which you can download free from internet, but you can use whatever program you have, it doesn’t matter which is.
You can also use this, which is online http://pixlr.com/editor/

I used Photoshop. I have Coreldraw and Photoshop installed on my computer.

But you don’t need special program for that, you can open that picture in Windows Paint and add numbers or signs :smile: After that you use a site for hosting pictures (I use this) http://tinypic.com/ , upload the picture and write here the IMG code for forums that appeared there.

look, this is in Paint , anyone can do this :smile:


Cool. Thanks.

I used a graphics editing program , but I think Adelinne’s suggestion to use Paint is better, cause is more easy. Give a try and post your preferences. Don’t forget about those 5 guys also :smile:

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Ok. So I have a Mac now, and it wasn’t quite the same as using Paint with Windows, but I figured out something.

Top 4 my Fav Actresses: