Pick 5! Flower Boys

I Made a Collage of My Favorite Actors Nd Singers… Yhur Only Allowed To Pick 5… I Know It Will Be Hard But Try Yhur Best…

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omg! why must it be so hard! lol okay okay, as much as i LOVE the other ones, i MUST pick 5.

1- kikwang


3-(onew, you know i love you, so i will leave the love in the shinee obession list and put someone else’s name on this list) i had to tell him so he doesnt think he’s being replaced, you know?

4-lee jong suk

5-jung il woo!

omg i did it. whyyyy


Lol… Sorry… I Know How Hard Tht Was… Hehe…

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LOL it really was… who would you pick as your 5? im guessing key would be in it?

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Hehe… Hard…

  1. Key
  2. TaeMin
  3. Onew
  4. Lee Min Ho
  5. Jay Park
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i like your list hhaha xD yep, key is awesome and i guessed right haha

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Hehe… Thanks… Ndd Love Yhurs… Its Very Hard When It Comes to Our Favorite Korean Actors …

thanks yes its really hard! theyre all so good and talented ^ ^

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  1. Lee Hyun Woo

  2. Yoon Si Yoon

  3. Lee Hong Ki

  4. Kim Soo Hyun

5.Baek Sung Hyun

  1. Lee Jong-Suk
  2. Hyun Bin
  3. Kim Woo Bin

I consider them more charismatic than the others and also masculine, they look like real men.


I don’t particularly like “flower boys” but I’ll give a try :slight_smile:
I choose those who, despite their delicate features,  radiate masculine energy.

My top 5 (in no particular order)
Hyun Bin

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Soo-hyun

Lee Jong Suk

ups… I forgot his name …


Uhm 5 are very few! Ahahahahahahahahhah :3
So… I choose… not in order of preference… Onew, Kim Bum, No Min Woo, Taemin and Key. But the guy next to Onew who is? CnBlue’ Minhyuk? I can’t recognize him :S However… I would also add Kim Jaejoong!

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My top 5

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My bottom 5:

1- too pretty for a guy, he might cause inferiority complex in girls cause he looks better than us :).
2-  too boring
3 - he’s trying too much to look “cool”
4, 5  - way too childish for my taste

? - Definetly in my top 5 but I have no idea who he is. :smile:


“1- too pretty for a guy, he might cause inferiority complex in girls cause he looks better than us”

OMG is so damn true!! I think the same! ahahahahahahahahahahah

He is Jonghyun of SHINee!


I would definitely not date such a pretty  guy like mr. “1” :slight_smile: he will probably not choose me either :smile:

so " ?" is Jonghyun of Shinee. Thank you. I’m not familiar with k-pop, not so found about it.

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1 Lee Min Hooo
2 Jung Il Wo
3 Jang Geun Suk
4 Lee Jong Suk
5 Kim Soo Hyun! :smiley:

My choice focuses on actors, rather than singers, because I don’t know Korean pop idols. I’m not into K-pop, neither I’ve heard much about it. I like Korean dramas, electronics and some cars, though :smile: