Pig-Rabbit Plushy from the classic Kdrama You're Beautiful

The K version of You’re Beautiful is a definitive classic that I wholeheartedly recommend. While trying to avoid any spoilers, I will say that there’s a scene in the drama involving a pig and a rabbit plushy. I’ll stop here. Watch it for yourself if you haven’t already. Anyway, did you know that you can actually get the famous pig-rabbit plushy for yourself? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa… :rabbit::pig_nose:



it is indeed one of the oldest kdrama I watched, it was quite funny but I also liked
Mary stayed out all night, I loved all Sukies songs in particular “Hello” I tried to sing along
on youtube and recorded it, very memorable times! - I also do remember well, from You’re Beautiful the song during concert, “Ottokayo”… omg, lol!

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Nice! Do you have a YT channel?