Pillow Book - official trailer

no air date yet, rumours say it’s released until end of 2019


When will this be airing with English subtitles?

Right now, nobody knows :slight_smile: We are all waiting for the annoucement of the release date. Some mysterious numbers were revealed on press conference and now everyone is trying to figure them out.

Official Chinese release is today/tomorrow :star_struck:

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I am NOT interest in this drama re-name “Three Lives, Three World the Pillow Book” it also is NOT the same directors as was in “Eternal Love.” My reason for not wanting to following this drama is I refuse to start my New Year watching actress Dilraba Dimurat Cry a whole Ocean of tears :cry: like she did in “Eternal Love” her constantly crying was a turn off for me.

Also in my opinion from other dramas I have watch with Dilraba Dimurat in she seem to be a One Dimensional character. Her acting skills seem to never advance to a higher level of acting. I do love the actor Gao Weiguang who played the first heavenly emperor in “Eternal Love” who also is in this so called follow up Pillow Book , but not enough love to watch and be drag down by his co- star. ( just my opinion. )

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I thought i was the only one who didn’t like Dilraba Dilmurat acting. She was unbearable in Pretty Li Hui Zhen, and she doesn’t change the acting in her different roles in the different dramas, I tried really hard to watch but gave up bc I find her so ‘‘fake’’ even when she cries you don’t feel like it’s real.

Hopefully, she will improve with time.

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@ angelight313_168

Hello, you are not alone, there are other people I ran across on You Tube who feel as you and I do.
Now you see and understand my comment and where I am coming from. I personally have done a lot of Community Theater and have taken courses in Acting. It is one of my hobby I truly enjoy when I find the time to do so. There are natural born actor and train actor who learn to develop their skills.

I don’t know what category Dilraba Dilmurat is place in. Hopefully she’s will get better in the future. There are so many other Chinese actresses who out shine her in their roles one such actress is name Ni Ni she was a standout in the drama “The Rise Of Phoenixes” along side the great actor Chen Kun This drama is on Netflix and well worth the watch of 70’s episodes. She’s also is the main actress in “Love And Destiny” here on Viki I just started watching recently Ni Ni is always at her best. :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting how different actors/tresses appear to different viewers.

I really liked her in Eternal Love, she’s cute and suited her role very well (usually I’m kinda annoyed by such childish girls) so I’m curious if her character improved or not.

I think it’s hard when an actress has to play a female character that is weaker and below the power of her male counterpart. In any role I’ve seen her so far she was always ‘that girl’ on the side of a strong, powerful guy so her powers were limited by default.

I think unless I saw her in a strong and independant female role I won’t get a final opinion about her true potential/skills.

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I think so far Pillow Book is not bad. Dilraba is a talented actor just has a different way of portraying her emotions that is not traditional I guess. The scriptwriters may also decided for her to act like that. I believe that the viewers have a variety of opinions on this, but please don’t blame her just for that reason. She is a strong female character in many other dramas in my opinion. I also admire Yang Mi too.

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I liked Dilraba in A King’s Woman. She played a strong character, and I think that that kind of character is what she should go for in shows. I feel that she did a great job starring with Zhang Bin Bin, whose character in A King’s Woman was an aggressive, dark, moody, and infatuated prince/king. She held her ground and didn’t seem to back down from Zhang Bin Bin’s intensive acting.

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I’m more troubled with the different storyline. It’s super annoying for me that it’s different to the first season and for me, they don’t have any chemistry between each other. It is like watching completely different actors/characters. She’s way too childish now and he is like a frozen sculpture without any charisma at all.

So disappointed that I couldn’t continue watching it.

(of course that’s not the actors’ fault but it shows how lame a play can be depending on the script. The colour scheme is also terrible and the costumes look so cheap compared to part 1 :frowning: )

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