Please help us getting the licence for upcoming cDrama “ICE FANTASY DESTINY” airing MARCH 8.


Yes, please, please >< If you can, please. I would love to see Ice Fantasy Destiny.


It was an interesting fantasy drama, blue eyes and white hair, lol :smile:


Done. Waiting patiently :slight_smile: This looks really good!


oh my! will this be a sequal or another story all the way around? yes I loved the ice fantacy. ok this is a scifi buff here, the white hair & blue eyes? alien descent?? maybe?? but still cool!!


I can not wait to watch the continuation of Ice Fantasy with everyone who likes, my friends are waiting! Do not forget, please! :blush::heart_eyes:


Fan Channel
start follow n request :slight_smile:


Done.I requested.:relieved::relaxed:


Done. Waiting for episode.:wink::wink::wink:


After watching this on Netflix, I am hooked. What do I do to send the request?

#11’ u can request N times that will be more effective follow page
good luck :slight_smile:


Yes! Please make this happen! A lot of people are waiting for season 2! So many people enjoyed season 1!


The effort and zest are appreciated by every Cdrama lover. But, as far as I know, nth time will not compute. Viki only takes one submission per each Viki ID per each IP address.

Good luck to everyone who submitted and good luck to every team whose drama’s waiting to be licensed :sunny:


I said becoz viki will know that we are very sincere for this drama.


je voudrais voir la saison 2 Ice Fantasy - Destiny s’il vous plaît prenez la licence <3


i loved Season 1, so splease let Season 2 come…
i want to Sub this ><


Yes please I have watched Ice Fantasy on Netflix I love it can’t wait to see the prophesy through to the end with all the twist an turns I do hope they all return to the Ice Blade city where they all belong kind of makes sense now after their grandmothers cry of a new world I didnt know there was a 2nd season till now yay!


Please for the love of humanity please put this on viki i would love to watch this i watch ice fantasy and i wanted to keep watching more so please add this show on PLEASE!!!


plz request it every few days :smiley:


Done. I really want to see Ice Fantasy Destiny… I love the first season… o