Please help me watch thai drama "priceless love"

I am a QC at and I really want to see a drama that’s on fanchannel. It’s a thai drama called “Priceless Love” ( kha khong khon). I tried to contact the channel manager to add me as a volunteer on that channel to allow me to watch it but she won’t answer to me …it’s been a while since her last access to Do you guys know any other way to see that drama? Can you help this desperate girl? :slight_smile:
Thank you ! :blush:

You should be able to watch it without having to be a volunteer, from what I see it looks as if there was some claims of copyright infringement.
So it seems that the video was uploaded from youtube and youtube has taken it down.
I’m afraid this is the first time I hear of this drama, so no idea where you can watch it.

hi, this is amazing lakorn for my bias pong , great choice but if you are QC you can watch it without being volunteer , if it is on viki but recently for copyrights issue , maybe they remove it for this reason many lakorns removed recently for the same reason , you can watch it raw or maybe in the future found it with sub ,

You can watch it here: ค่าของคน The 1st episode is at the bottom of the page. There are 20 in total. (NO SUBS)

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately I know zero thailand and without eng sub is impossible for me. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I couldn’t help. I tried to find a source with subs but there wasn’t any.

:wink: Thank you all for your reply…It looks like there’s no chance for me to see this drama with eng sub.