Please Help me with this

Hey guys so i have been having this problem whenever i am watching “Boys Over Flower.” I am having this array of Toyota ads in one episode. I have those dots on the video player that indicates when the ads will show of… When I tried watching different dramas, there was no dots like that please help me…

Please help me its annoying me

The screenshot is here:

Unless you get Viki Pass or be a qualified contributor i think, you will get those ads

but why does it only happen when i watch boys over flowers?

Since BOF is an extremely popular drama, advertisers know that there will be many people watching it. Therefore, it is more beneficial for them to bombard the viewers with commercials and advertisements in a drama that has high viewership.

ohhh ok thanks :slight_smile:

Haha, no problem! And sorry that this really can’t be helped unless you get a Viki pass or become a QC. But I guess that’s how companies make money…

If you install AdBlock the ads should disapear, I use it and I never had problems with ads on viki :smiley: