Please put the Sageuk Channel back up, it's not a drama you license

Yeah, the only thing I see is Hammy the dog.
And in @deadliftdiva_548 channel it says - This channel is no longer available.

So - this is what Viki calls a job well done?

I told them that we didn’t come up with keeping the fan-channels.
Viki was the one asking about the fan-channels, that did not have any copyright problematic videos on it, if we want to keep it or why.
They let them stay on because they had a reason, but well, what …

What do I care, about things I said yesterday? (Could be a quote from Viki, but isn’t - it still fits the situation)

Are you lucky, or unlucky?
Or someone at Viki has as we in Germany say Wurstfinger, I only found the English term stubby fingers and hit the wrong button by accident. Or is it related to the black screen scenario.
I don’t know …
What to think anymore, I got no word from them, only that @bozoli would get information about this too, - cc - you know?


This…is what i have. I logged out, back in twice, I am one of the 2 cm’s and I cannot even get it to open so…there’s your answer :frowning:


when i search for it using search, NOTHING comes up at all.

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Yes. And then I got CC-ed on both your and @feyfayer’s request (probably because I opened an issue first).

The channel is currently closed and I’m hoping it’s because something went wrong with whatever Sean did to put it back. Meaning, I hope they’re still intent on reverting things to how they were. And that this is just a technical glitch.

I wrote back to him, as you could see. Hope this gets resolved soon, before weekend.


The term is “fat finger.” Ex.) He must have fat-fingered it.

Same here.


LOL Thank you, another thing learned. I forgot the literal translation from the German word Wurstfinger - it is sausage fingers.

I revived my request. I don’t expect them to answer it soon, because I was quite upset and yes my writing style mirrored it.


Sausage finger! haha. I was thinking Bratwurst when I saw that word!

Frankly I have got no return message to a follow-up sent weeks ago on something - a nice polite, “is there an update you can give me” on something.

Years ago, I wrote a post on another topic the courtesy of their hall was somewhat lacking.

This…is still appropriate. Things have not changed, and would we could drive out the overlooking ways that have left us all wondering…and wandering.

Just now while opening my email account that there was a high number of spam mail, you may place your bet on what emails got there?

I think Sean will need to look again what he did and how he can reverse the situation now. Fingers crossed.

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@bozoli @feyfayer

Any news at your end?

Nothing yet :frowning:

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Yes Lacruiser dedicated this channel to saguks which was a lot of work, when I go to channel just the dog looks at me… this is so bizarr, Viki should have no reason to remove it as it was only a compilation of saguks (if I remember right)… let’s hope that Viki puts it back as said… :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

If it’s not happening today, perhaps on Monday… viki isn’t working on weekends…


I suggest you edit your post above to reflect the original owner of the above quote. I am not the originator of that quote. Look carefully, I quoted @ajumma2 in my post to make an argument for returning the channel in the opened thread’s topic. (My way of supporting, :heart: all volunteers).

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Simi 11 happens to be the volunteer who recruited me a lil over 5 years ago.

served as one obviously long years around here…just fyi. :slight_smile:

Glad to see her post, it’s been some time.


Were you referring to leerla73’s post just above yours? If so, leerla73’s “critique” is valid and simi11 did the right thing by correcting her post. I’d rather not look at people’s volunteer track (if any) when we are discussing such things in Discussions.

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I’m afraid not. It’s going to have to wait for the next week, I guess.

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Is there a problem with something I posted?

* * *

There are so many fyi, or corrective response, to what started as an initial post of support.

No, not at all :slight_smile:

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Anything? Anyone?



This post must be at least 10 characters, so I’m writing this extra sentence.


okay since MY POSITIVE POST about seeing SIMI MY FRIEND post has been taken as ? something other than what it literally was, …sigh…

  1. Simi corrected her post so everybody would be happy. The right person cited, etc.

  2. I posted I WAS HAPPY TO READ SIMI for crying out loud as we’re friends and it has been some months since I heard from her. OKAY? I miss her and yeah she’s the reason I started volunteering, after I sent some questions to the Six Flying Dragons team, to be exact. Zithers and the good General’s bow, as I recall?

  3. As for the original questions here, nothing from them about Sageuk to me but I DID finally get an answer or mostly more of the same about the drama we lost in progress. My request for update on the situation under date of September 11 was finally answered today and no, they know nothing.

At any rate - the guess I now have is they may avoid us entirely on this as they may have entirely erased La Cruiser’s masterpiece and it may not be on any server to be restored. :frowning:

And…this makes me pause and really feel horrible for the loss of this hard work and great resource.

Be safe. Sorry there are no happy words, no cheerful thoughts…and…I really wish I could remember it word for word, screen for screen, and put it up somewhere. I wish i had the foreknowledge to have saved it somehow…but honestly, we thought they would keep their word. They gave it to leave Sageuk up and leave it out of purges…so…we…believed them?