Please put the Sageuk Channel back up, it's not a drama you license


My follow-up request is still running, I gave it a push this morning before coming here.
Who knows, just waiting for a real answer.


Pushed my follow-up once more …
I am tired but not giving up until there is a reply.


sageuk is the reason i came to viki several years ago. it seems like there isn’t much new stuff being put up for us to watch. is there another place i can go for this type of content?


Still no reply at the Help Center either.
Just asked them if there’s an update.


No reply either, not here, not at the HC, … Email? And again nothing


Dear Sean, we won’t curse you, if no one is able to rescue the channel, even it would be a real loss, but an in between update would be nice, if there is even someone trying at this moment.
With the silence on all fronts, it is already awkward enough.


Is this real? Is the channel back up? :open_mouth:
I can see it again :hushed:


It has this special note on it too.


Yes, I saw that too.
So it’s back? Hope so, and that it’s not a temporary thing.


It looks like it.
I have no notice of it, did any of you got mail?


Maybe they are creating a special type of channel for this one. Since it’s nota movie or a series, but an exercise channel. And requires multiple licences.


No, I coincidentally checked the channel and there it was.


Yes…and the first thing I did was check, we have literally told this thing we do not need ANY subtitle help by checking off all languages and it still says this.

No, we’re not looking for subtitle volunteers, and the moderators are very capable of adding or correcting our data. :slight_smile: I did see we need to change a few dramas we do list as not available to available - e.g. Empress Ki finally :slight_smile: and sadly remove JUMONG from available. It is a work in continuing motion with dramas added and removed always from the libraries here.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED GET THIS BACK. I found MY NOTE on the comments stating CAMILLE…had told us four years ago this channel would NOT BE DELETED. It is not a fan channel or anything but reference in the same genre as NSSA.



Just so you know, this channel has zero videos visible from Norway (potentially the entire Europe). Is that how you see it, as well? Because I thought it was a practice channel for subbing.


Here in The Netherlands, I don’t see any videos, either.


It’s just a list of sageuk compilation… but it looked different before… because when Viki changed the wall/editor… it looks different…