Please Stop This Super-Villain -One Giant Garbage/Machine-Translated Bengali Subber at Viki! :( :(

I’m just scared after visiting her super-profile. I’m scared to post her profile link here! But overall, I’m so scared and so much angry that she’s humiliated my native language Bengali and disrespected dedicated hard work of genuine fan subbers! :fearful:

Ok, now from where to start… when I checked my super-favorite drama “You Who Came From The Star” @Viki, I found totally garbage/machine translation like Bengali subs!Yes, I contacted with respective channel manager, informed her of everything, she’s so kind and helpful, so finally she told me that she would contact with senior Viki managers to see if deleting all her subs- around 5000 ‘trash’ Bengali subs for the first 6 episodes was possible!Ok, I’mstill waiting eargerly for it- (meanwhile have almost completed subbing other two episodes :slight_smile: )!

But man- just from curiosity, when I visited that subber’s profile today, I got scared! Her profile shows-she has done over 71k subtitles and got so many badges for different languages- Arabic, German,Indonesian,French,Hebrew,Italian,Korean,Chinese,Spanish etc- omo- a super linguist! Ok, I have no problem with that- but what’s her recent activity? 5 months ago, this super linguist put her trash- totally machine translated Bengali subs (with untranslated English lines here and there!) @Mask-episode 11! :fearful:

Now I realise- why she didn’t get caught for a long time or most probably wasn’t reported before. Subtitling K-Dramas in Bengali isn’t that popular for the lacking of interested subbers+ many Bengali speaking people know more or less English as second language. So perhaps they didn’t check it or even anyone found – he/she could not realize that any “human subber” was producing this pathetic disgrace! Moreover,‘Bengali’ is not popular language @Viki- it still doesn’t have any badge- so I’m not sure how much trash Bengali subs she produced and contributed to Viki!

I’m merely a QC @Viki, I merely know Bengali, some English and basic Korean- but when I’m into making subs for my favorite shows- I try to put my heart into them- searching into Korean dictionary, Korean Grammar rules for thousand times- just to ensure perfection & accuracy, just to get perfect satisfaction as a fan subber! And I know all the genuine, dedicated fan subbers around me are literally working their ass off – they’re working harder and harder! And there- she might be a Gold QC, she might be an all-language-expert, but how dare she put thousands of garbage Bengali translations in fantastic shows! How dare by doing such heinous works, she disrespected my mother-tongue, dishonored Bengali language martyrs and hard-dedicated works of all the genuine fan subbers around the world! If it was done for any popular language like English, Spanish etc- such subber would be literally doomed and rating of those amazing shows would be grounded! :frowning:

I can’t tolerate humiliation of my beloved language, perhaps people won’t believe about the existence of genuine Bengali subs @Viki although I’m trying to put my best effort :frowning: , I can’t tolerate the fact that any person can go on making thousands of machine translated subs-spoiling my sweet-heartiest language! So how to stop such “super-villain” for Bengali language- how to prevent her from making trash Bengali subs in the future? :frowning: And if it’s possible, is there any way to delete her previous “Bengali garbage subs”? :frowning:


Any CM can delete a specific language subs for each episode.

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I fully understand how you feel. We have had such “villains” for almost every language. When we found one for Italian, last fall, the Italian community rose as one to report this person, and I personally wrote about 20 letters to Channel Managers explaining what he was doing, with examples and so on, also providing links to subs which were just copy paste of one another, musical notes or periods (…) instead of words. This, of course, was much easier for a Channel Manager to understand than just a badly made translation.
Since most CMs won’t understand Bengali, there is no way they can check whether what you say is true or, for instance, you’re not a person who just hates this subber and is slandering him/her.
So my advice is to gather other Bengalis to validate what you are saying, and all of you report the abuser.
Don’t spam the CMs with messages from various people, one is OK. But if various people report the abuser, it is better. In our case, we were more than 20.

Also, if a sub is really machine made, it’s easy to find out.
Go to Google translate or whatever machine this person is using.
Input the English subtitle and see the result in Bengali. Take a screenshot.
Then take a screenshot of Subtitle Editor where there is the English and the Bengali with his/her name.
If the two screenshots show the same Bengali sentence, this can be considered proof that indeed it was made in automatic translation software.
Do this for at least 3-4 subs in different shows.
Unfortunately if you just report a person from the flag under the username, there is no option to insert an attachment. It’s just a multiple choice question thingie. On the first form you can choose “Inappropriate subtitling” and on the second “They’re using translation software”.
But then there is a box where you can type. And there, you have to put examples of this (again, it is better you use various examples from various shows) with full link, minutes and seconds.
And you can also put a link to your screenshots.
This means you should upload them somewhere.
What I did is that, being lazy, I uploaded them in an album of my facebook account, but you can also use one of the free picture hosting sites

You can include those links in your letter to the CMs and also write them on the box of the reporting form.

One last thing. The Channel Manager can delete a person’s subtitles one by one, but it’s time-consuming. As mirna023_316 rightly said, they can also delete ALL the subtitles of a certain language in an episode, but this is only good if the abuser has done all or almost all of them. If other people have worked on it as well, their work will be deleted.
Of course the CM can and should take this person off the team, and put him on a mental blacklist. But there will always be other projects, other CMs who don’t know of this, so the next day you will find the abuser working on something else.

Whereas, if viki decides to take action, they can delete all the contributions of this person, put their subtitle count to 0 and block him/her from doing any again. They can also eventually delete his account.


Update. I just discovered who she is by some detective work, and had a look at her contributions.

  1. She was has participated in very few shows as a team member, almost always a subber, and only in one show she has become moderator. She was never Channel Manager. If she were C.M. this would explain editing other languages and getting badges in them (you will see many badges in languages I don’t know on my profile, it happened by moving all language subs after merging segments, or when I correct punctuation, formatting and Korean name spellings).
  2. She has done a great many subs in countless shows where she wasn’t part of the team (thus an abuser)
  3. I confirmed that she was last active five months ago.
  4. I confirmed that some of her latest Bengali subtitles are mixed with the English, like this:

[QUOTE] Wrote a subtitle in Episode 11: Mask
5 months ago
চোই Mi থেকে Yeon দেখ কিভাবে একটি নবাগLook Choi Mi Yeon! How can a newbie come to work last? ত স্থায়ী কাজ করতে আসতে পারে?
মুহূর্তে আমরা কি বোর্ড সভায় দেখেছি সম্পর্কেThe moment we talk about what we saw on the board meeting, we’ll be fired. কথা বলতে, আমরা বহিস্কার করা হবে. [/QUOTE]

From what I understand, she copied the English and added the Bengali to it? Or it is partly one language partly the other?
5). I tried doing the google translate test and these particular subs were different. Of course she may have used another automatic translator, not google, and maybe she doesn’t use it all the time. You have to find instances that prove what you say.

P.S. When you write to viki staff, please try to make your post short, precise, factual and to the point. They are busy people who receive many requests etc. every day, so they are more likely to actually read it and they will appreciate it more than an emotional outburst about dishonoring Bengali language martyrs etc. You know, it needs to be factual, no embroidery at all. Use bullet points if needed.
Please note, I’m not criticizing your style: just saying that you have more chances to be heard by viki staff if you make their life easier.


Thanks a lot for your elaborate and thoughtful suggestions. Yes, this is ‘she’, I’m really amazed by your detective style! (y) :slight_smile: (y) Now it’s a big challenge for me- first one- To gather Bengali community- they’re scarce here, so I have to pull them here from other social networks! And the second one- To gather strong proofs against this subber! If it’s not google translation, what machine translator it could be :confused:, Moreover I couldn’t get access to subtitle editors of many designed channels, so I’ve written to two channel managers so far- just to be confirmed- who the hell was the machine Bengali subber/s of those shows-was it really this big shot whom I’m strongly suspecting! Oh, this tensed me can’t be relaxed for a moment since yesterday… Again thanks a bunch… I’m looking forward to report strongly along with my Bengali community!

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Update: I got so worried when another channel manager also mentioned that one line matched with google translation and not the others :confused: - so tried to match with Hangul sub and searched for other machine translate programs :frowning: But voila, what I’ve found later that the subber actually used google translator all the time! But when you find the lines “different”, just hover the mouse on Bengali translation to see the alternative one- and it perfectly matches with her translation (so far I tested!)
Here are some random proofs from one drama-

ep01- 00:01:17,940 --> 00:01:22,320-
ep01- 00:14:29,230 --> 00:14:33,830 -
ep02-00:00:06,600 --> 00:00:10,590-
So now all I wish to gather more proofs from other shows and report against such pathetic translation with Bengali community!

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  1. You can see which shows she translated in from her project page. There are some for which she made more than 2000-4000 subs so you can start from those.
  2. My Love from the Star is open, you can visit Subtitle Editor as I did. In episode 1 she made quite a few subs (that’s how I found her name, then went to her profile and saw the 71k subs you had mentioned - no biggie!)
  3. When you go to the show’s main page, click on the team name, and you’ll be taken to the page with the team members but also the subbers (team or not team) who made the most subtitles. You should be able to find her name among them.
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Yes, I checked this before- but as she’s an “all-language-expert”, I was a bit confused! So I asked two channel manager indirectly if she really did “Bengali subs” for those shows. Now I got confirmed about two shows and strong proofs of machine translation are getting into hand, so I will take action from project page to collect more proofs from each and every show (especially for those she made thousand subs as you’ve mentioned :slight_smile: )

Exactly what I’m thinking now. I’ll start from this show !

Yes, previously I searched her name in the list of most subtitle makers for two shows (for those, I contacted with respective channel managers later). But as she made around 2000-4000 subs for each of those, her name couldn’t be found there! (the least one had around 5k+ )

However, now I will only gather so many proofs to prepare a suitable report - so many thanks :slight_smile:

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I received your PM and reported this user.
@anaheli @anon20195650 @jimmy_l shall I delete all bengali subs on W episode 1 or shall I keep them locked for proof?


Thanks so much for reporting! I’m still gathering proofs (screenshot of Bengali sub+match with machine translation!) …W, I Hear Your Voice, Healer, Oh My Venus, Mask, King of High School… so huge list…I’m really exhausted :frowning:

Latest Update- So far I’ve detected and counted- 34,644 machine translated-mostly meaningless Bengali subs… the greatest language fraud I have ever imagined!..o,Lord,where are you?! Even 40k-50k isn’t impossible actually…But exhausted me’s stopped checking and counting here! :frowning:

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You don’t need to find them all! If they see some instances from 3-4 shows it’s enough to understand the situation.


Many many thanks! :slight_smile: - I’ve just reported that subber with proofs from 9 various shows that I collected- also finished writing a note for social network- as I wish to call Bengali community now for reporting soon :slight_smile:

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Have you put new subs in ep 1-5? I can’t do an all delete Bengali subs now if you have subbed them. Sorry.


You both can save the subs for those episodes (using and then copy paste them back again.
It’s a hassle, but easier than deleting the abuser’s subs one by one, I think.

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There’s a mass delete for CM. I was reluctant to use it until viki has been imformed. I think rifat_kabir has reported it. I will be deleting ALL the subs for a single episode at a time.

I am not going to do save the subs too much of a hassle- the abuser one I mean. But man all those people doing machine translations. And then viki help center takes months to answer.

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Wait! I thought that the CM can delete ALL the subs of a certain language (below) but I thought it was for the whole drama, not only a particular episode. I don’t dare to try it, but if it’s true that’s great information!

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As I’ve informed CM @ck1oz via PM - I didn’t touch first episodes(ep1-6) that included machine translated subs, only did subbing in ep 12 and 13 so far. I reported via flag option in user’s page and also sent a reporting mail to As I’ve sent all my complains and evidence snapshots to Viki authority, so wish that they would take effective action soon.
Thanks a lot to @irmar for kind guidance, Although there’s not that visible and reliable Bengali community around me @Viki (even yesterday I got another fraud Bengali subber, but her total is 1k+ and last active about 11 months ago, so didn’t wanna report right then!) , but I didn’t feel alone for a moment :slight_smile: …Now as I wrote a note in a social networking site, around 10 from Bengali community informed me that they did reporting against abuser-subber, I’ve done with informing some respectable managers of affected channels too…so I think- the rest is rested upon dear viki authority! … thanks to all, Eid Mubarak to all :slight_smile:


Hello Viki Community,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, and thank you @rifat_kabir for writing into the Help Center and providing detailed information. After further investigation, we will be removing the user’s Bengali contributions to the following shows:

My Love From The Star
King of High School
I Hear Your Voice
Oh My Venus
Scholar Who Walks The Night
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I will also be reaching out to the Channel Managers to each of these shows to make sure that they know.

Thank you!

Viki Community Team


Thanks a lot! So early and prompt response! :smile: Viki is so awesome! I’m expressing my heartiest gratitude on the behalf of Bengali community. :slight_smile: