Tablo’s podcast (Korean rapper, writer, Epik High, The Return of Superman Dad):

Listening to 1: interesting pov on life!

What podcasts do you listen to (or used to)?


I love the tablo podcast. Said it’s over though. I haven’t listened to the last two episodes yet


I haven’t listened to any podcasts lately, but you just reminded me of this one:

Reading out loud from the dictionary for people who can’t sleep.

It never actually made me fall asleep, lol. :rofl:


At the moment I listen to the show K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam ^^


Lol it’s really good for meditation with water and bird chirps in the background and when I don’t understand anything! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Love his songs!


I have just discovered it yesterday on YouTube (a short clip) while taking a break in self studying. His English is really good for a Korean! Like life topics!


Well, he did grow up in Canada and studied English literature at Stanford :rofl:

Listen to the full episodes and then watch the short clips on YT, it’ll make it funnier :smile:


I listen to a bunch of podcasts, but I haven’t kept up with them for the past few months. A few are:

The tablo podcast

Something you should know

Dear HBR (Harvard Business Review)


:open_mouth: I didn’t know for Tablo! That explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the links! It sparks my interest, especially the first one! I love HBR mag, I didn’t renew my subscription, but I find their mag or articles pretty interesting because they link work, economics, human, psychology. Mind opening!


Excellent podcast from a former US secret service agent, also on Youtube:

:closed_book: in the to-read list.


I’ve been listening to her podcasts at night and during morning.
It works like yoga!


To be honest, I just listen to DIVE STUDIOS only hahah :joy: