Pokemon Go, who's playing it too?

I just started playing Pokemon Go this week and it’s so fun :slight_smile: I used to play Pokemon Yellow and Gold back in the days so it also feels so nostalgic.

Who’s playing too? Maybe we can share tips and tricks :slight_smile:

I’m going out for a walk soon because I saw some pokemon I don’t have are nearby.


Not in Asia yet!! :cry:

Just be careful how you play it. I just read a news article about a terrible car accident that happened locally because they were playing pokemon instead of concentrating in driving. I’ve also heard from our neighbors that a bunch of teenagers playing it while riding bicycles and they are not paying attention to the incoming cars or pedestrians. Finally, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I also heard that some schemers found a way to put their own pokemon characters to a place that they want so they can lure people to that place to either rob or do other bad things to those people. So, just use caution and play safely if you are going to play it.

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I don’t play it on a bike… or let’s say that otherwise: I’m in an area with a bunch of pokestops and on my way home from work there are about 8 stops… Sometimes I stop and put my bike on the sidewalk where I can access more stops in one go. There is also a stop in our street too and a few more close where you don’t have to cross any street. I always watch where I’m going. I don’t get it why people play it while riding a bike, there is this trick/hack going around but the info is false.
Ohh and yes I heard of those robbing stories but from what I saw and experience is that people just help each other out, walk in groups and I only have my keys and a powerbank with me when I go out for a pokehunt (next to my phone of course) so nothing much to rob.

Oh I’m playing this too~ I’ve been a big fan of pokemon ever since 1st gen and was so happy that a game came out on android. previously I had been using an emulator and it just wasn’t the same. however I was a little disappointed with pokemon go. That’s not to say I don’t like it. I do and quite a bit but the gameplay is different. there’s really no way to train/level up your pokemon unless you power them up or catch new ones that are more powerful.

I won’t go into my person complaints with the game but all in all they wanted to create a different game and they did. catching/finding new pokemon is very addictive but battling gyms (if you’re heaps weak/low-leveled) is near impossible. hopefully new updates will improve some aspects of the experience gaining/powering up or else I’ll just be sticking to catching pokemon…

I’m also playing too!!
Some tips I’ve picked up:
-Catch all the pokemon you can, and evolve your highest CP one.
-To get a Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon–name the evee you are evolving after the trainers from the show (so for Flareon–Pyro, Jolteon–Sparky, and Vaporeon–Rainer)
-Also, take advantage of people using lure modules at poke stops, you never know what you’re going to catch there!

hello!!! I play it too and im level 21, its been hard to catch the ones i want.
I´ll be going to san francisco this next weekend and see what pokemon i can find, i’m so happy!!!
For now i just have 73 and seen 75. jaja two ran away!!:laughing:

Team Valor here!! lol…i’m also playing and i’m in level 16. my strongest ones are flareon,vaporeon, and lapras. i’m not sure if this could be a tip but,

+ i catch as many pokemon and i choose which one to power up. (choose wisely because of stardusts and candies)
**+**i don’t know about everyone else but i prefer not using AR.i get too distracted and i catch them better without it. but for some people they like AR to take pictures.
+ i change my poke ball (red-blue-black) back and fort to catch the pokemon. so you don’t have to use so much balls on them. cuz sometimes it is really hard to get them and waste so much balls.
+ since i don’t have poke-coins and i can’t afford them…i just go to gym and leave one of my pokemon, since u get 10 coins and 500 stardust.
**+**u get potion, incubator, berries, poke balls each 5x when level up. u can also get them in poke stop, except the incubator.
**+**i walk everyday too but if u are too lazy or tired to got out, u can use a electric fan if you have one. u can stick them where it moves, and since i live in asia and i use electric fan, i stick my cellphone there. I can hatch about 3 or 4 eggs. depends on how many incubator u have.

P.S. anybody here caught pikachu?? i saw one and it ranaway…><

I don’t play that, here in my country (Ecuador) it’s dengarous to play because there’re people that steal you your cell phone. Sad but true.

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