Poldark is coming back to the screen.

The premiere was on March 8th, on BBC One.

It would be an incredible treat to actually have it on Viki, right?

Based on Winston Graham’s novels: The Poldark Novels

Previously made for TV in 1975: Poldark

The story:
In late 18th-century, Ross Poldark returns to his Cornish tin mines after spending three years in the army to avoid charges of smuggling, leaving behind his sweetheart Elizabeth. On his return, having fought in the American War of Independence, he finds his father dead, his estate in ruins and Elizabeth engaged to another man. In need of help he takes on a new kitchen maid, Demelza, after rescuing her from a beating bringing him into conflict with hostile locals.

Main cast:

Captain Ross Poldark | Robin Ellis (1975) | Aidan Turner (2015)
Demelza Carne | Angharad Rees (1975) | Eleanor Tomlinson (2015)
Elizabeth Chynoweth | Jill Townsend (1975) | Heida Reed (2015)
Francis Poldark | Clive Francis (1975) | Kyle Soller (2015)
George Warleggan | Ralph Bates (1975) | Jack Farthing (2015)




Oh I’m watching it. I saw the original back in '75. My sister and I were were just teenagers and we were in love with Poldark. Happy viewing. It’ll be good BBC do these things so well.

I want to watch the first episode ! I have downloaded it. And the actor is the dwarf Kili in the Hobbit!

Yes, Aidan Turner played in the Hobbit, but also in “Being Human” - the British version.

I remember watching it on television in 1979/80 in Germany, that series was my first guilty pleasure.

@lutra. Well what did you think of that Irish ‘eye candy’ last night.?

Why last night?

Didn’t you see the latest one? It aired Sunday night in the U.K.

No, I didn’t see it. I live in Germany. And at the moment I have some patients at home and I am not well myself, so there are other priorities.

Maybe I will get the chance later …

Did you enjoy it?

Sorry to hear that, get better soon and then you can enjoy catching up. Not going to spoil it for you by saying any more.

Thanks, and have a nice time^^

I’ve seen him. Aidan Turner… well… he knows how to scythe. I assume the eye-candy refers that part.

I’ve seen the previous version (on Youtube, because I wasn’t yet born when it was airing ^^), but that one had a slower pace, that’s for sure. It’s episode three and already they are to be… well no spoilers from me :smile:

Here are some teasers: