[Poll] Opinions on "Requests for License" Discussions

###Poll: How should license request / publicity posts be categorized?

  • Make a new category
  • File under TV & Movies category
  • File under Project Board
  • I have a much better idea and I’ll leave it in a comment!
  • I don’t care, but I want to vote :stuck_out_tongue:

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People posting topics solely for promoting upcoming series, asking for users to follow the channels and send in license requests seems to be a relatively new phenomenon on the Discussions. The topics get posted in a number of different categories though, and personally, it kind of bothers me—not that they want to promote shows, but that there’s no “standard” for doing it.

New category

  • Maybe a subcategory under TV & Movies or a new one entirely, “Wishlist.” Someone can pick a better title…
  • Pros: Easy way to put everything in one place and see just these types of posts
  • Cons:

File under TV & Movie categories

  • Post in appropriate subcategory (Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, etc)
  • Maybe tag all posts with [Wishlist]
  • Pros: Existing categories, can be used for general series discussion
  • Cons: Mixed with actual discussion posts
  • Q: Would the “wishlist” topics be converted into regular series discussions later on or would they be locked?

File under Project Board

  • Tag topics with [Wishlist] [Channel Type]
  • Pros: Existing categories, can be used for recruitment simultaneously
  • Cons: Not necessarily recruiting / not intent of Project Board, mixed with actual recruitment threads

This isn’t official anything since I’m not Viki staff, but I thought we, as a community, could try to come up with our own standards for some things.

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While I think the sound of a new category may sound good. I do think it needs to be more specific. The thing is that licenses are not only requested by CMs but also by viewers, who just want to watch a drama. Some posts I’ve seen here ask for dramas that were here but lost their license or folks who still want to upload videos, without realizing that it is not possible anymore.

If it is a new category for “Upcoming Dramas Needing Licenses” might work. It would be great if it was used by CMs and Mods to keep it as organized as possible. It may help CMs get help promoting the drama and have potential viewers request it. Since they are about to air, there’s a certain urgency there.

Hmmm…tough subject though…


Dramas needing licenses for the main category - and then 2 breakdowns:

Dramas viewers and volunteers want licensed that are UPCOMING (not aired yet).

Dramas viewers and volunteers want licensed that already fully aired - e.g. Fan Channels with Videos on them like Go Princess Go and other dramas that already are not on-air - but would be desirable to acquire.

If there is also a way to put the Upcoming Drama licensing on the top of the main board too - pin it there - because this might help cut back on the swarm of notifications on the PM waves too. MAYBE. Or help anyway.

Do not separate by country because not all fans sequester themselves by country or genre. :slight_smile: Give everyone a chance to see what we are trying to get licensed and support what they will. If recruiting, also put a note there too. Once the license is acquired, recruit on the main Volunteer board to focus on that rather than the push to get the license.

This also “assumes” for want of a better word that people CAN INFLUENCE HERE AND BY FOLLOWING AND LICENSE FORMS THE ACTION OF VIKI/RAKUTEN. If that is not truly the case, then nothing we do - or post - will actually matter - except to ourselves. Failing proof of that point, all we can do is continue to try to get help getting the license by such means.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

  • Make a new category. “We want to see on viki” or “Needing License”. Make it short. (Not “Dramas needing licenses”, it’s too long for a category name)
  • It should be open to all. Not only CMs and mods but also the general public that wants to see a drama/movie licensed here. (Movies too, it shouldn’t have “drama” in the title)
  • I second deadliftdiva_548 on the breakdown: “UPCOMING” and “AIRED” and also on not dividing by country or genre or whatever.
  • Posters should put “Chinese” “Korean” “Japanese” in the titles of their posts, to avoid us opening posts about things we are not interesting in.
  • After the show/movie has been licensed, the topic should be closed, and marked [SOLVED].

How many viewers visit the forums, compared to those who visit the website?

A new category sounds fine, but I’d rather see a new widget on the Viki homepage or somewhere in our profiles.


Why not both? :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to have both, but I think the website gets more visitors than the forums.

It certainly does have many more visitors. Even among volunteers, we’re only a bunch of people, basically always the same 20-30 people writing here, a tiny minority of the ones who have a viki account.
But making a category here is so easy that it can be done literally in three minutes by any of the admin. It will make the fora neater.
Of course this doesn’t mean that they are “exonerated” from our request to make a space for this on the first page too.

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