I like watching video’s of polyglots, because it’s inspiring and also fun when they speak Dutch :smiley: However, most polyglots when they say they speak X amount of langugaes, they will say something in language A, B, C etc, but the overall video will be in English. I would like to see video’s where a polyglot speaks entirely in the language he/she studied for 5/6 months. In my opinion that would be more interesting than speaking 10 languages in one video.Polyglot Lindie Botes also talks about that in this video: She speaks in Afrikaans, so turn on subtitles.


I watch Lindie’s videos too. She is a native Afrikaans speaker.
I got one of her Japanese study tips on my recommendations and there is how I got to know her.
Apart from languages there is one more thing that inspires me; her courage to cut her really long hair :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: