Post funny videos of kpop HERE xD


or funny gifs and quotes from kpop and kdramas. AND/OR facts of kpop idols/groups
heres a funny one i found of kpop with helium voices xD


I just LOVE how TOP was all offended ^^


LOL !!! hhaha where is this fromm? xD so cute xD
btw what is your avatar called? i know ive seen that cat everywhere and its so cute idk the cat’s name


Why did I know that this is your topic ? Hahahahah


The avatar it’s Pusheen, and it’s totally awesome! ^^

And the gif is from “[Star Date] G Dragon & TOP”. it’s hilarious and you can find it at youtube =)


lol yuppp love me some kpop xD


aww!!! i love it!!! so cute , pusheen. gahw, so adorbs xD
and thanks! x)


Lol what about facts ? hahahaha Iove them and this place would be nice to share it


omgg hahha laughed so hard bcs of him


I’m laughing my head off in front of the screen and my bf just look at me like…

  • is that asian thing again?

And I’m like…


sure AND FACTS lol just for u xD lolol




THATS RIGHT U SAID IT GIRL~! tell em whos boss hahaha why dont ppl love asian stuff and call it “asian stuff” and act like were weird WHY? WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

i go so insane it makes me wanna do this


LOL xD hilarious gifs btw


i love these XD ADORABLE xD u saw the one i sent u of them dancing? it should be on here hilarious xD


Thanks! ^^ all my life collecting them xD (not really, but you know what I mean ^^)


LOL me too aww!!! is he from U-KISS?


I knooooow!!! With my friends I´m always like


Who’s from U-Kiss?


Ahhhhhhhh you know what I like hahaha