Pray for me pt2


Hi friends, I haven’t been online in a while because of real life issues. Two of my close family members passed away this month. Pray for me. I welcome your PMs of support.
Thank you.


Hi! I was wondering why I didn’t see you around here in a while, and now I see why.

You, your family members, loved ones, are in my prayers. Sorry for your loss.

Sadly, recently I also lost several family members, and close people in my life, due to the covid19 virus. Feel free to ask or express your pain here since the only way we can really HEAL inside is by ‘‘talking’’ writing about it, as much as we need to do so.

800,000 ppl. has died in USA alone, and as I write this words, many more are dying all over the world; so we need to pray for everyone because by praying we send a ray of comfort that enters their heart, and won’t let them feel alone in their pain.

There are 5 stages of grief no matter whether the death is sudden or expected so I hope you read this to understand your feelings right now.
The Five Stages of Grief™️

What are the five stages of grief as according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross?

May the LORD embrace you in his loving arms, and give you healing and comfort, during this trying times.


Hi! So sorry to hear that. I hope you are holding up well. Please take care of yourself.
I hope you are reaching out to others close and near to you (in proximity) as well, not just virtually.

May your beloved RIP :pray:


May these words be your refuge, they were posted by @frustratedwriter Here in discussions. :hugs:
Check your DM :hugs:

Check these out: Songs That Touch Your Heart And SOUL 💜


Indeed, that’s sad. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
I’ve recently lost my aunt to it as well. She had complications from it due to her inherent illness. Thankfully, my MIL and FIL survived it and are recovering, though they’re still quite weak.

May your beloved RIP :pray:



I was wondering where you were! May the peace of God be with you and your family as you grieve for your loved ones.

Somewhere in your silent night
Heaven hears the song your broken heart has cried
Hope is here, just lift your head
For love has come to find you
Somewhere in your silent night

If I had only known the last time would be the last time
I would have put off all the things I had to do
I would have stayed a little longer, held on a little tighter
Now what I’d give for one more day with you
Cause there’s a wound here in my heart where something’s missing
And they tell me that it’s going to heal with time
But I know you’re in a place where all your wounds have been erased
And knowing yours are healed is healing mine

The only scars in heaven, they won’t belong to me and you
There’ll be no such thing as broken and all the old will be made new
And the thought that makes me smile now even as the tears fall down
Is that the only scars in heaven are on the Hands that hold you now




I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, too. It’s incredible how this virus is destroying all that was so sacred to us; LIFE. It’s been almost two years now, and it seems it won’t stop any time soon.

The saddest part is that is causing so much mental health issues, even in young children, and the ones that do survive the virus, are left with so many debilitating health issues. We need to pray day and night really HARD and with lots and lots of FAITH.



Requesting prayers for one of our own in this community facing Covid.


Sorry for not replyingI am with covid at the hospital. Just in case, it has been great to have met all of you. I love you.

Never thought I would see this posted here, and I hope if you can, people get vaccinated! It’s the only way to fight back this mess going on in the world. May she return home and back here healthy and safe.


prayers going up!


Thank you so much for your condolences. It means a lot, feel free to PM me.



Same here if there’s anything you want to share with me you can PM me so there’s more privacy.

I went to the cemetery a few days ago, and they had that day alone 7 burials going on. I was so traumatized since I’ve never seen that many going on, in the 20 something years I’ve been going to that cemetery. The stench was unbearable and that’s another thing that I had never experienced there before. I had to fly out of there bc it was overwhelming.

I have my ‘‘space’’ there already; so that brings to me so much peace of mind since it’s sad to leave that burden on the living relatives.

May your heart as these days go by, heal faster, and me knowing how hard the Holidays are with our heart in mourning, I can only say to you that you and your family are ALL in my prayers day and night.

Remember, those that left, never leave us. They live in all the beautiful memories they left behind. GOD BLESS YOU and WALK WITH YOU through this trying times.



Did your in laws got the vaccine? I think that makes all the difference in the world. People are becoming ignorants to the fact that vaccines is what stopped the measles, mumps, polio etc…Everything in life has its side effects but when it comes between choosing life or death, I choose LIFE and the only thing that gives you that option is the vaccine.

We have people dying from OMICRON here in USA, but they were NOT vaccinated. The vaccinated ones are in ICU, but get to go home after a few days. I’m praying @irmar got the vaccine.

That thing you mentioned about strain; what strain your in laws had?

Did you hear about this famous lady (youtuber?) that after a year she couldn’t take the lingering health problems and pain she had after getting covid, and she committed suicide? That was heartbreaking.


My deepest sympathy for your loss of your loved ones, it is very sad and unchanging… wishing you strength during your difficult mourning. :heart:

When my mom died in my arms I went through a very painful grief and I listened to low frequencies mediation music which helped me to feel lighter and more relaxed; you may find other healing or binaural music on YT.

I’m very sorry for your recent loss of your aunt, may she be with the singing angels :angel:
Stay strong. :pray: Every loss is just so sad… :disappointed_relieved:


OMG! I just received the sad news that my first cousin who resides in Puerto Rico died today from covid. He did had heart issues for many years, but his wife took good care of him, and he was also very careful with his health. He did refused to get vaccinated, and loved to travel the Island, go to the beach, etc. At least, he really enjoyed his life to the fullest. Rest In Peace, cuz DAVID.


@angelight313_168 @frustratedwriter Thank you. :pray:

Yup. They were fully vaxed. Still, that’s not 100% foolproof, though that could have been why they weren’t that badly affected. They caught the delta strain.

The new O strain is just as infectious. It seems to be spreading quite badly. Hopefully, more will get the vax ASAP. Also, according to science, it seems this O strain isn’t as bad as its predecessors, if the patient did not have any inherent illness, or did not suffer any complications.

Praying for the country, and the world! :pray:

Thank you. Yes, every loss is. Hopefully, less and less will be added to the “number”.

Oh no! :open_mouth:
You’re right, at least he enjoyed his life to the fullest. RIP. :pray:



image not 100% foolproof, though that could have been why they weren’t that badly affected.

I can testify that my sister survived the covid she got from her daughter thanks to the fact that I convinced her to get the vaccine (she was taking care of my niece), and she was not careful enough bc to her this virus ‘‘was not real,’’ and to this day she still has lingering health issues, but thankfully she still alive. My niece who was refusing to get the vaccine told me; Titi, this is something I don’t even wish it happened to my worst enemy.’’ SHE FINALLY GOT VACCINATED. lol

PS. I have been doing fasting and prayers, and I hope others join and pray too. Do fasting if you can, too. THANK YOU!


We are praying for you to god bless you



Thank you for your prayers. GOD bless you and your family.