Pricing restructure of Viki Pass proposal (North America)

So my proposal is this Standard Viki Pass is redundant and effectually useless.

Eliminate standard

Merge with Vikipss plus

reduce Vikipass yearly cost from 100 USD to 70 USD

You must be living in the US? Only a guess of mine. Since I live in Europe Viki Standard Pass is already the highest available Pass for us. Everything in Pass Plus region is not available for us. So a European should pay more, without getting more, since licenses do just happen because you change Pass conditions.

How do you calculate to at least keep the profits?


same with me here, the highest i can take is standard, so for me it is also a bit impossible to merge that with viki pass plus

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No but I am in Canada I have made the proper adjustment thank you

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Uhm there are more regions in the world then only the US and Canada. I believe VikiPass Plus is only for the US and Canada which I as a Dutchie and a Gold QC find very unfair. Now I cannot work on all the Kdrama I want or watch all the Kdrama viki has to offer due license restrictions.

And now you want Viki to take away the best option I and many others have on Viki. Why?! Just because you want to pay less?! Be glad you are able to choose between Standard and Plus because most people on Viki cannot choose.


@dudie if you look the request has been adjusted for NA only

Contributing to the Viki shows can get you passes for free after you reach a certain point.

Yes, but only the standard version and that’s the one @asianmusicguy wants to eliminate (at least in North America). I’m not sure what that would mean for our American and Canadian volunteers … they’d either get nothing, or they’d get more than the volunteers in the rest of the world, neither of which would be fair.

I am not sure what you mean as in the Americas …

It’s already like this.


It’s like that already. If you are a QC in the Americas, you automatically get Vikipass Plus, whereas we, second-hand citizens, only get the regular Vikipass.


Ah, I thought the Plus version was really only for paying users …

I know you have altered it to say North America only, but viki has different pass tiers because they are limited as to what content they can provide access to in different parts of the world and having the different tiers allows them to effectively manage this.

Licensing content is very expensive if viki were to do what you suggest, then you would find that as licences expire, you would get access to less content over time as viki would not have a large enough revenue pool to licence all the content they do currently.


You guys failed to understand what I’m actually saying for North American users Vicky path standard is completely and utterly useless International customers would keep standard because that’s all they offered International would be optimized so we would get the plus pass as one Single pass and the yearly cost would go down from US$100 to 70 US still being slightly higher than the annual standard price now

Care to explain why? :slight_smile:

And would this price have to be paid by North American users only or by everyone? :thinking::

You are completely and utterly INCORRECT.

As a Viki Pass Standard user based in the USA, the standard pass is exactly what I need and what I purposefully chose. The price point and the content is perfectly balanced. It may be difficult for you to grasp, but there are people, likely thousands of people, who consider themselves lucky to be able to have the Viki Pass Standard at the price that is set.

Thankfully, I know enough about how licensing and subscription business works to be confident in my belief that Viki will never take your suggestion seriously.

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I don’t know anymore how exactly the difference is since I am outside the Americas, I will only see the information that applies for my region.

There is the basic Pass we will neglect.

Pass Standard 50 $.

Pass Plus 100 $?

As I understood the difference should be the Kocowa content, or earlier access for other dramas too? I don’t know as I said, I don’t have access to this information.

I worked in sales for many years. I don’t see how it will work out to give customers more and take only about 2/3 of the original price. People who do not want to spend any additional money, will no longer sign and those who stay will save money, so less profit.
From a business point of view where is the benefit for Viki? Licenses still cost the same amount of money or even more in the future and competition is all around.

I understand what you mean, but I don’t understand how this should work out for Viki.


Obviously You guys seem comfortable with paying more for less if you look at some anime services like HIDIVE Crunchyroll etc. You’re only pricing for all content is between 40 and 70 usd And for me Viki is not worth it without kocowa but I also find 100 usd a year way to much as a Canadian when those who can want access to all content?
And to be fair the Canadian library is already pretty limiting Even Disney+ for all the content they offer it’s only US$80 a year

@sheishun learn from @lutra and be constructive and a little less 0 to 100 I hope you don’t work in public service

There’s the description of each product here:


They seem to be different services.
+$ for + content or perks.

I think that with exclusive Kocowa’s partnership in mind, they might have to pay sth extra? The subs in English for ex? Or the price of this partnership? I don’t really know.

But your request is because the price is expensive for you compared to other services where you pay less for an access to their complete library, is that it?

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Well for me it is pretty easy I only use Viki, I would need too much time to find content at other streaming portals. Sometimes I binge and sometimes I suddenly have to stop and won’t watch for weeks.

So other services aren’t attractive for me at all, another point is the money. I wouldn’t want to spend more money to streaming portals, than I usually spend at cinemas. That would mean for me one service and my budget would be already reached.

The only thing I really miss in not being able to access all content are the old dramas, I can wait longer for the new ones it doesn’t bother me that much anymore since my viewing habits have changed a lot.
I am not a paying viewer now, I try to give my contribution by volunteering but even if I would become one in the future I am a frugal person. It’s like 10/20 years ago going in shop to buy one magazine for 3 € and leaving with 3 spending 10 €, that is the trouble I have, if I were even to use one more streaming service.


Yes that’s correct I would benefit but also I want others to as well because companies like viki and ODIK take advantage they have the most expensive yearly costs of any streaming service When Anime have a cost just as much or more to license so using licensing fees as a reason for a higher price Tier does not make sense.

So what I’m proposing is
Viki pas for North America be 9 usd per month and 70 usd a year for everything