Problemas para ver los comentarios

hola, ya hace un tiempo que no puedo visualizar los comentarios en cada capitulo de los doramas, saben si fueron desactivados

¿En que canales? Yo estoy viendo uno taiwanés y no tengo problemas. Si se tratan de los comentarios normales al exterior de cada capítulo, quizás sea por la velocidad de su conexión a internet, si es por los timed comments no sabría decirle exactamente, revise siempre que esté habilitada la opción de “Mostrar comentarios instántaneos”.

Un saludo.

I was watching Full House thai version and realized that it didn’t have the comments also!

I’m not sure, but I think that only Official Channels have Timed Comments. I watched FH Thai as well and since that is a fan channel they might have left the TC for the officials only and not the fan channels. That’s my theory lol

Mostly of fan channels on Viki came from Youtube. YouTube’s rules state that nothing can be layered on top of their video player. This is why subtitles need to be displayed in the lower gray colored bar below the video. Timed comments are affected by the same rule. If you watch some series here from daylimotion, TC section is available.