Problems with text formatting on the forum, am I the only one?

I will send a help request about this but I also want to know if I’m the only one who has this problem. I just typed a whole topic (in text editor on my mac because I find this screen tiny at times if you want to write longer topics) with the right BBCodes and everything and it just won’t format it right. Like:

It doesnt do:

But: 123Blablabla

Bold stays unbold.

And sometimes there is an extra unwanted white line and it decides to do it properly in one part of the topic and for the other part it’s a mess. Am I doing anything wrong or?


I used the br code, it works.
I notices that sometimes the b for bold doesn’t work. Except in the messages box on
It may depend of the plateform we are on

Aha that br works indeed. How confusing… BBcoding doesn’t always work while a HTML code like br does.

  1. Hey
  2. I don’t have that problem…

But links won’t work properly for me…and I can’t see any symbols, they are just boxes…

everything works fine on Viki itself but not in Discussions…
I’ve thought about sending a help request, too…

Anyone with the same problem?

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Yesterday I saw the boxes too, but today I can see the icones. I did nothing, I did not restart my device or the browser, it just loaded correctly.
I didn’t notice it was back (at least for me!)

I see…perhaps it’ll work for me, too…someday…like a miracle lol…
thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Everything is working fine over here! I just made a huge post about viki’s rules and tutorials and it was ok. But here bold works better as ** (at the begging and at the end).

I send a request to Viki now (#64470 if a mod want’s to know). I was also writing a post about how Viki works in with tutorials, rules etc in Dutch. But the forum won’t let me post it properly although the coding is correct.

Hopefully it’s fixed soon so I can post it.

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Yeah, no, that happens for me too. Sometimes it decides it’s fine adding breaks, sometimes it decides it doesn’t feel like it. Using the <br> tags every so often is okay, but really annoying for longer posts.

And I usually manually add the bbcode because the styling buttons mess up for me sometimes (or they used to?) - but the code usually works.

Er, actually, I wonder if the site text input thing automatically adds the line break html when you type it… Whereas, if you paste in plain text (even with appropriate spacing), you don’t have that code for the line breaks?

depends. Sometimes it does format those correctly sometimes it doesn’t. I once copy pasted a list here which was formatted correctly but the forum made it look like a mess.

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I can see the symbols finally :slight_smile: I wrote the Help center, too…no answer yet, did you get one? Seems they are quite busy…?

Btw, this isn’t eally the topic here, but…have you noticed the new help center? Does anyone know what “Requests I am CC’d on” means???

Viki is changing so much at the moment, it’s crazy…can’t keep up :confused:

@Lyoness: Requests you’re copied on? I’m not sure… but I remember there was something like that before.

I didn’t notice the new help center yet and it’s really something we have to get used to again.

Yes, I did get an answer a few days ago. The main problem I had was that for some codes and symbols I used this forum does recognize it for something else causing trouble. And sometimes the editor doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do but they are still looking into that.

okay :slight_smile: I’ll just be patient and wait then :stuck_out_tongue:

@Luzevedo mhmm and what’s that supposed to mean? lol… I feel stupid…

@Lyoness: I don’t know either. LOL But I remember that once I opened a request related to some video problems and I saw that. It said “Requests you’re copied on”… at the time I thought it was connected to another problem or request.

I don’t like the new help center :expressionless:
With emails, you can be CC’d, or sent a copy of the email. But I don’t really get how that would be relevant with help tickets… Like, can you send in group tickets or something? -shrug-

mhmm lol okay :smiley:

@scircus I don’t really like it either…that need help for your channel thing could be kinda helpful…

but the new layout is confusing and not really better, I think…perhaps it is when we get used to it…it seems a little more organised…don’t you think?

I really don’t get that CC’d thing…

Hey guys…do you have to sign in to the Help center, too???

@Lyoness: I think there’s a problem going on with the HC right now… when I went to the HC, it didn’t connect as well :frowning:

We have to wait… we can’t even send a request about this. LOL