Problems with viki pass

I am trying to watch the drama Waking Love Up, but all these video ads interrupt every 5 minutes or so, even though I have the viki pass. Does the viki pass not apply to all dramas on viki or just the new ones? Is there anyway to watch the videos without ads?

Viki pass does not apply to fan channels. The orange banner in the top left corner on the main page of the drama shows you it’s a fan channel.

Does Viki Pass apply to Fan Channels?
Mariko - January 03, 2014 12:17
No. Fan Channels are created by passionate fans like you. Viki Pass does not apply to Fan Channels as any videos on them are managed by the fans. Thus you may see ads, and videos may not be available in HD on Fan Channels, even though you upgraded to Viki Pass.