Product Placements in Kdramas


Soemtimes I wonder how often they have to shoot this makeup-scenes. “NG! you turned it to far” “NG! your hand is in front of the brand name” and so on ^^
Here is what Yesung thought about filming Voice (season 1) and PPL :smile: (43:00~43:25)


Talking about Subway, they don’t do so well here in The Netherlands. 2 Subways in the main shopping centre here closed it’s door and some other one in the city did as well. But we still have 2 or 3 left. They spend to much money of Kdrama sponsoring or we just had to many in our city?! The one closest to my home is closed now, ohh well I went there at most twice a year… :joy:


I don’t know if this should be considered product placement but in “Where Stars Land” they show a plane of KLM next to a Korean Air one in the first teaser. :joy: Not that it is surprising as both companies work together on direct flights from Amsterdam to Incheon and back but still…:laughing:


That’s funny :smile:
I happen to know a Korean Air flight attendant that got hired by KLM a year ago. She said they were specifically looking for Korean flight attendants to work there (lost contact with her though :frowning: ).

Interesting :relaxed:


Yes I know, when I went to Korea with Korean Air they said it was a joint flight with KLM on board.


I think that the products/brands etc. that sponsor the show sometimes are the “regulars”, the ones which routinely collaborate with that channel, but sometimes they are decided according to the theme of the show. So in this case, when they decided to do an airport-themed drama, they contacted some airlines and said “would you be interested in being a sponsor?”. They had to show some airplanes anyway, they might as well make some money out of it. At least this won’t be one of those cases where the PPL has no reason of being in the story.


Yes I know… showing an airport with no planes isn’t really an option and showing only Korean Air ones is weird too for an international airport. No idea if KLM really does sponsor this Kdrama a little or they just showed it, I mean they can’t blur every company we see in Kdrama anyway otherwise they must blur a lot on the streets and sometimes with a blur or sticker you still know what brand it is so what’s the point hahaha.


Those stickers are kinda funny ^^ Why dress people in clothes having the brand name all over it and than tape half of the logo? Fully tape over it or, even better, choose different clothes. I always wonder if that’s PPL or not. Or maybe like 50% discount PPL, I don’t know ^^


Ah, you had me laughing out loud!

I rather think it’s PPL which went sour along the way and they finally didn’t reach an agreement, but the scenes were already shot.


Even the poorest person has a $400 Dyson vac


The worst I have ever seen was in the The King Eternal Monarch ,where a coffee shop owner had not one …but two Aston Martins …you have to be selling coffee with cocaine ( and a lot ! ) to afford two of these cars


She was supposedly a rich girl who did this for fun. But the product placement in general was so jarring in that show. Took off much of the pleasure and left a bitter taste.


Yeah, so much PPL :laughing:


They certainly did not make it obvious, two Aston Martins would be Cheabol rich :slight_smile:


There must be some law against alcoholic beverage ads like here in the US, thirty bottles of Soju at the table , and all you know is the bottle is green.


I usually don’t mind PPLs at all (unless they’re literally shoving it under your nose)… I forgive DOTS for all those PPLs bc they weren’t tooo jarring and anyway they had a really huge budget, and I really loved the beautiful Greek cinematography. that scene in which he gives the North Korean soldier a choco-pie though…i had to laugh, it was pretty innovative… The Viki ads bother me more anyway :joy:
In almost every drama it is Subway and those VACUUM cleaners oh boy :laughing:


I’m ok with it but some are just so blatant and annoying like in King Eternal Monarch.

I just realized, how would they do product placements on Historial Dramas - isn’t product placement some sort of funding to produce the dramas? Just a random question really…


Maybe they could…

Joseon period drama script:
“We’ve been marching for ages now, let us rest at this inn and have something to eat.”
Main leads enters the 지하철 tavern.

The centre cap on the king’s carriage appears to be decorated with a crown but on closer inspection is actually Maserati logo.

The warrior horse’s bridle is lavishly decorated with the Aston Martin wings.

Servants sweeping the floor with brooms with the wooden handles painted in Dyson purple?

Urgent message to the general delivered on a scroll made by the old craftsman Samsung.

Instructions to servants:
“Quickly, go down to Seven Eleven market and pick up some ingredients, I need to prepare a meal for some unexpected guests, it’s so handy that there are all those different stalls all in one convenient market.”

Got to keep them sponsor money rolling in somehow!


That’s so cool , I hae to pay more attention.


Yeah, they are definitely there if you pay attention. I even saw a toothpaste PPL in a historical drama once :laughing: