Profiles & Cover Pages: The Older HTML Codes Are Baaack!

And this is a page where you can pick colours.

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Weird, it works for me. I redid it to be sure. I don’t know if it’s because of Opera, I think using DIV button should work on any browser XD
Did you enter the “Source” thingie while trying to do it? Coz advantages of the “DIV” button on the cover page interface are not to pass through “Source” typing.

To make a cover page, you have 2 or 3 methods, combining them or not: the “DIV” button, “Source” typing, pic hosting.
Which method to pick? As you want :relaxed:

Honestly, I don’t know how to read coding lines, so I don’t use “Source” typing (and some coverists don’t use it neither) otherwise I should learn (and remember!) when and how to use code lines, <><p>``<div etc. For that reason, I prefer going through “DIV” button.
So, only a matter of preference, but it’s not impossible for anyone to use one or another method. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your cover!

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You can also write:

< div style=“background-color:#964c4c;height:100%;width:100%;”>

< /div>

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I tried to make something to help you understand a little bit better how to code a cover page in Viki tool but I prefer to warn you, I’m not well-versed in this domain :slight_smile:
A big thank you to Justine_desmoulins for her cover that is used as an example in videos and Anna79_9 for her help in “Source” coding. :persevere:

Also, this website with codes is really good to test and learn codes you might want to use, or codes that you will see in videos are well explained on this website too:

(Quality is not really good, full screen is better to watch them)
The google doc with the Source code if you want to test it or even modify to your liking:
Google doc:


Wow, thank you very much! :heartbeat: @piranna
I always tried to use codes and all this stuff on viki, but it never really worked how I wanted it.

Do you know how I can let pictures run in loop like in the english coverpage from this drama?

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Nope, hope it will make it easier for people to understand a little better this makeup cover tool :slight_smile:

When you right click on the pic and open it in a new tab, you can see “gif” at the end of the address, meaning it’s an animated image = it’s like how they make a Disney cartoon, you draw many pics and at the end when you pass through them, you have the impression of a “moving” effect.

You can make animated image in softwares like Photoshop, Gimp, etc and on the internet too.
You just take the pics you want and make them appear one after one.
When you type Free gif maker on google:
you have this website:
It seems to work when I tried it :slight_smile:

Have fun making animated images!


Oh, so it is just a gif. :smile:
I thought there is some kind of confusing code behind it. Thanks!


merci beacoup pour ton travail Piranna, je vais le regarder quand je me sent miex… en lit avec fievre and ma tete pense a rien :frowning:

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Don’t worry! Get well soon and have a good rest! :sleepy: :sunny: :tulip:
(ce n’était pas du travail mais un plaisir ! :slight_smile:)

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Other things to check when doing a cover page:


Cover pages designers, don’t forget to update the link of [Recruiting] in the Moderators recruiting section when you take a cover page template from another drama, because volunteers who want to be moderators can’t contact the correct person.

Hence if for instance, the [Recruiting] shows the link of my Viki mailbox for a drama I don’t participate on and I don’t answer, some volunteers might never be able to apply as moderators to the correct person or apply late and the drama might never have a moderator in a particular language or they’d never be able to moderate this drama.
And secondly, it’s distracting to have to redirect people because we don’t know the drama they’re talking about, we have to ask the link, show them the correct link, etc. It’s a waste of time for the applicant, for the channel (could have begun mods work already or subbing), and for me.

Channel managers and cover page designers, check that the correct [Recruiting] links are put on your cover page.

2 channels I have to redirect volunteers, I already spend less time on Viki, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to redirect people at a timely manner or want to continue doing it… (please, spare my little free time to do something productive):


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