Project of marketing ( Viki and TV series)

Hello Viki community fellows, sorry if i bother you, today I’m writing this topic because I want your support. I would like to ask you answer my thesys poll.

Thank you so much for your kindness.



I answered it, but I found it a bit pointless.
I mean, you posted on the Viki Discussions, all of us here are Viki members and 99% of us also volunteers on Viki and obviously k-drama, j-drama and c-drama lovers - otherwise what would we be doing here?. So what’s the point of asking us whether we know about Asian drama, whether we know Rakuten Viki and whether we know the volunteer system they use? Obviously it will be yes yes and yes from all of us.
Maybe there is a reason for it, who knows…


Thank you for your suggestion.

Sei sempre molto precisa😊. Non ho altre ragioni se non quelle del sondaggio. Ti ringrazio, per ulteriori suggerimenti scrivimi pure in privato. Grazie mille per i tuoi consigli.

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Ma… Non ho dato nessun consiglio.

You got it, Luke! :+1:

It’s probably more fruitful for you to post similar request for support in drama forums such as soompi, janghaven, mydramalist, spcnet, d-addicts, and so on. You would likely have to register first (free, if you don’t already have an account with each of them), but your reach will be wider and more relevant because these are global drama fans who may or may not also be viewers/subscribers on Viki.

All the best!:muscle:


Thank you Jade you have right :slight_smile:. You are always so kind

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Just a tip: Rakuten owns both Viki and Soompi so (also from my own experience) almost all Soompi users know Viki since Soompi links all articles with related shows to Viki pages.


Yup. I am aware of this connection.:wink:

But not all soompi forumers watch dramas/shows on Viki alone, or are able to access Viki at all. I know many of my friends in Asia are not able to watch many dramas on Viki due to licensing restrictions. Moreover, global viewers also watch on Netflix or Amazon or Viu or YT, just to name a few, and so the reach is far wider than on this discussions platform alone.:grin: