Psychos we love?

Someone pointed out to me a couple of days ago that the craziest, scariest characters in any Asian drama always seem to be the richest, most good-looking folks with the biggest cars, the biggest whiskey decanters, and the blingiest bling, be it jewelry or gold bars in the combination safe hiding behind a stolen Rembrandt painting.

These folks scare the poop out of everyone in between moments when they are incredibly naive and goofy thanks to memories of childhood before a burning building fell on them because their older brother blew it up (or whatever). We have moments where we sympathize and laugh before they start hacking, slashing, and hanging folks upside down.

A real-life example of that I can think of where a rich Korean caused a lot of emotional trauma in a sort of laughable way:

And then there is the loveable, confused ML in Psycho-pass Diary <3 <3 <3:

Are there any other psychos who come to mind–characters played for some kind of laughs, or truly scary characters who do funny things almost by mistake?


Ok Taecyeon in Vincenzo was a completely off-the-wall-psycho in Vincenzo.

He was the nicest guy one minute then in the next he was scary-good at being very scary and very-very-bad. SWITCH!


When I was watching Vicenzo, he quickly became my favorite psycho!
He played the part so well!


wow, glad I am not like that(my other handle is psycomom) But I did love his character in vincenzo

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I’m pretty sure Shin Sung-rok built his career portraying villainous and unscrupulous characters. But he’s shifted direction now that he’s a married man. :smile:


Park Sung Hoon in Justice. He was a supporiting cast but he gave me the creeps lol. Real good performance there.


I was so used to him being the good guy, it left me traumatised to see him as a psycho :sob:


He was so unwillingly dorky as the main villain psychopath in Psychopath Diary :joy::joy:


Pobresito que lastima

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