Punjabi Songs - Segmenters/Subbers

Hi everyone, i’m the CM of the channel Punjabi which is a channel featuring Punjabi songs in the hope of making them more popular, basically every Hindi movie these days has them yet not that many people know what they’re singing even though they love the way it sounds.

One such example, a very popular song is Baby Doll, you can’t not have seen TV and not have heard this song at least once.


I’m currently looking for segmenters who can spare 10 minutes to help segment the MV’s.
Subbers for subbing Punjabi to English (those who speak Hindi might also be able to help).
If you just become curious because of watching this MV, then please help out by favoriting the channel or maybe helping out, greatly appreciated. The reason for choosing this MV as a way to grab you guys’ attention is because I’ve been hearing this song myself the past few days a lot on TV when they were promoting Jhalak Dikhlaja on Colors, as well as Palak from Comedy Nights with Kapil was dancing to it ^^
There are more MVs in the clips section. If you just want to hear what more MVs of it are like.
I’ll be adding more MVs soon, but I really need some help, if you’re interested in either becoming a:


make sure to PM me ^^


I do not speak punjabi, but I do understand Hindi, and I’m interested in subbing. I will PM you.

Hi I would like to start segmenting Please help me.