Purge in taiwanese dramas ! Post if you want them back

Hi everyone, I’m a client of Viki pass since several years and being a fan of taiwanese dramas.

I can just notice that Viki lost so many licenses in tw-dramas in the past years. I have been very patient but these tw-dramas are not coming back.

There is only 63 tw-dramas but 600 kdramas !

Viki doesn’t seem to care about its customers but just about what is most popular.

Tw dramas no more available that I can remember:

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Mr. Right Wanted
  3. Summer's Desire
  4. The Way We Were (2014)
  5. Two Fathers
  6. A Good Wife
  7. My Queen
  8. Zhong Wu Yan
  9. Tie the Knot
  10. Down With Love
  11. Rock ‘n’ Road
  12. Princess' Stand In
  13. What Is Love
  14. In Between
  15. Material Queen
  16. In a Good Way
  17. Skip Beat
  18. Easy Fortune Happy Life
  19. Apple in Your Eye
  20. Ex-Boyfriend
  21. In Time With You
  22. To Get Her
  23. Love Keeps Going
  24. Smiling Pasta
  25. Office Girls

I was watching Office Girls with Roy Qiu and today I discovered it is no longer available !

Of course, I asked viki about it and like always they didn’t give me a clear answer.

So if you noticed it too and want them to come back, i suggest to post here to show it to viki.

Let’s do it guys !


I have noticed too that there are fewer Taiwanese drama being shown on Viki, especially since there is a surge in the number of Chinese dramas. I especially like seeing more historical chinese dramas on viki, but I miss the modern taiwanese dramas. Modern taiwanese dramas are usually better than their modern Mainland counterparts.

If you can’t find a series anymore Viki’s licence to broadcast the series probably expired and it wasn’t renewed.


Bring back IN A GOOD WAY please.:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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I agree. I have watched countless Taiwanese dramas and they are rarely on the front page anymore. There used to be many more TW dramas on Viki, but now I feel like most of them are no longer licensed in my region, which is disappointing. The most recent popular drama “Some Day or One Day” has ended. There are no more new TW dramas and I would have to find on Youtube for new TW dramas. It seems like Mainland Chinese dramas are taking over. I hope Viki premieres more TW dramas going on in the future.

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That’s exactly what caring about one’s customers means. Catering to their preferences. Since the majority of the customers seem to like one sort of thing, Viki cares for the majority of its customers by bringing what they prefer.
Since Viki has to pay hefty sums for licenses, it won’t focus on the content that is liked by a minority, which won’t bring back money in a satisfactory way.
I am not saying this is necessarily a good thing, and I do understand you’re sad/angry about not seeing the content you like. But that’s how it works with commercial companies, from the neighbourhood clothes shop to a large multinational. They all choose what sells best.

Actually k-dramas are too few on Viki, in my opinion. There’s been a deluge of c-dramas in the past three years, after the creation of KWC and NTF, and licenses for beloved classics have been lost: but of course Viki can’t be blamed for that, so I try to make the best of what we do have.


The Wonder Woman licensed. I’m so glad, another T-drama on Viki.:clap::clap::clap:

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Nice! I have been waiting for The Wonder Woman. It seems like an interesting TW drama!
Also has anyone watched this?