Put on a smile

I found the song on YT cause I heard a lot of familiar words and was wondering if I understood it correctly :joy:

So I did hear Barbara’s rabarber bar correctly (I’m using Dutch spelling) :rofl:

@maria_lavendula_77 thanks for sharing. This was fun :blush:


Rabarber is what we call rhubarb in Sweden too… I sometimes wonder how algorithms work because this wasn’t something I had heard before.


It’s funny, now I see the dance videos to this song on my fyp :joy:.

Edit: sharing one of them.

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It’s everywhere now, who would have guessed that.lol


What a beautiful way to showcase the diversity of culture in their country :blush:

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This weekend is the Swedish mastership in iaido and I’m competing, I got a foot injury last year and it still hurts really bad from time to time (but it doesn’t slow me down). After todays competitions was over on my part and I was going to look at the others that was still competing one of the iaidoka came to me with this foot amulet that she got from a tempel Fujii in Japan. The thought that someone cares about and give me this because they believe it will help me, and when my foot is better I’m told to give it to another person.


They are wonderful :blush: