Put on a smile


I love Mary’s topic of “your laugh for the day,”

but also often encounter things that put a smile on my face or just make me feel good. I didn’t feel like they belonged in Mary’s topic, so I decided to create a new topic (if it’s redundant, please let me know).

Some examples:

I love that she included her “failures” in her video this time and that her injury seems to be healing well :blush:

This put a smile on my face for two reasons: 1) the joy on her face as she is conducting and 2) I watched this before it had English subtitels and was surprised at how well I could follow along with both the Spanish and French speakers… high school languages, you haven’t failed me :wink:

What put a smile on your face today?


After a gray morning the sun coming out and now the sky is blue with only a few clouds. :slight_smile:


and no snow!!?


seeing my little dog burrow under his blankets for warmth, my chi


No, actually it is one of the mildest weeks since November we have around 10°C, I am going to look if my Mom wants to step out, so we might enjoy the sun a bit. Today I went to one of our favorite Cafés and they can only sell for take-away at the moment and were closed all November so for the first time in 8 weeks we enjoyed some yummy carrot cake. It’s been a good day so far.

Chi = Energy of Life

A great name.


hows that?


That’s great :smile: We had a few rays of sunshine here too.

That sounds delicious :blush: I look forward to the day I can pass by my favorite cafe’s again. Hope they survive this lockdown.

@frustratedwriter those donkeys are so adorable!


I am spoiled by living in sunny California. I do miss snow though, especially during Christmas season. One year, my kids, who were all born in California, wanted to have a “white Christmas” so we visited my sister who lives in Chicago for winter break. My sister thought we were crazy to leave sunny California to visit cold and windy Chicago.


all the snow can stay midwest and north, really don’t want any even a white Christmas, and no I am not a bah humbug, just don’t want the snow.


Animals amaze me :smile:




Is that your dog? :smile:


no, I found this picture and thought i’d share it




I have a BIG smile on my face since we were bracing/dreading for that 1 foot of snow, but we just got 6 inches of snow, and thankfully parking rules are suspended bc is only 27 degrees (farenheit). My car will have to wait to be warmed up, and get cleaned. I’m sorry to say I hate snow; the more you have it around, the less you like to see it.


@frustratedwriter yes, I did try number three :grin:

@angelight313_168 I do like the snow, but I don’t like it when it gets icy. We’ve experienced it so many times in the past that when it’s icy and we go out on walks, we have to “catch” older ladies that are slipping on the ice. Luckily we caught most of them and none of them broke anything.


and thats whgy I don’t go out when it does snow, sleet or ice over


Made my day :blush:


Beautiful :sunny:


It was soooo beautiful this morning
When the sun tries to fight its way through the clouds…
There my heart opens :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Smile :slight_smile: