QC and QC Gold Moderation Slots

Just random Question.
What do you think…
If of course there is a possibility.
So if regular QC can have 3 moderation, maybe Golden could have 6 instead 5. :thinking:
Or like, can gain 1 place more, after I don’t know, maybe annual ranking of most active accounts.
And this could be like… it could be a one-off.
So if your account would be in top 1, and you would win, the system will not count you again.
Something like this. It’s just popped in my mind.
I would gladly want to hear you all thoughts.
It could be a once a lifetime bonus, I guess.


Why someone who writes i.e. 50000 subtitles per year is treated like someone who writes 3000 per year? Also if someone is active and frequent contributor, doesn’t disappear for half a year, has many finished projects as subtitler and moderator, they should be allowed to have more slots for new dramas.


I think that it’s quite interesting idea :slight_smile:

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And if in one language there aren’t enough mods because of the restriction, who else can do it, lol, for example I’m a Mod of Coming Soon, one project is now older than 1 year waiting for it’s release, so that waiting until perhaps never… always takes 1 spot of the limited 5 away… in fact I have 2 coming soon now… I know the staff wanted give as many volunteers as possible a chance… but their rule isn’t always well applicable because “Coming soon” with no released film or drama shouldn’t count. And if a seasoned Mod wants to teach a newbie Mod then this is another problem the “only 5 projects”, did Viki really think this through in a realistic way?? I think not… yet they throw more projects in their library!
@vikicommunity something to think about :wink:


Same if with special episodes, that sometimes took forever to upload, and the drama is still occupying the spot.


I think it would be a great idea if more active accounts get to have a spot extra. However, I also think that being very active is not a way to judge quality. I wouldn’t want quick but terrible mods to get an extra spot.
I think the real problem are the special episodes which take forever to load and take up a spot. I feel like these shouldn’t be part of the episode count. I still think these special episodes don’t belong in the episode tab, but on the main page with the clips.
And shows on coming soon which don’t have an air date yet, shouldn’t be counted because you’re stuck with a show taking up a spot for who knows how long.


I agree with the spot about show coming soon. It’s been a year since I’m modo of a show coming soon… This slot is blocked for me and it’s raging. Plus, when those rules about slot were published Viki told us that shows without episodes published will not count ! It’s not the case and they don’t fix it. It’s not convenient and it block us for futures applications.


Yes i remember this too , but they do count sadly


The situation here is that not everyone in our team wants to be a moderator, but wants to translate. That’s why I always asked for the series, I became the mod, and now these projects are burdening me. It would be nice if the teams were treated differently. 3000 lines is still very little for me. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll commit to finishing a 60-episode drama. I think that Gold QC should be accompanied by a Diamond QC rank, which is given to those who have at least 5 completed projects as moderators and a minimum of 40,000 lines.


Yes, I think after Gold there could be a rank higher for contributor to gain, like you say, they can even add like… not 500 but 1000 to keep it.

Agreed. I think Viki should “fix” a couple of things before thinking about new tiers and slots.

  • Coming Soon dramas with no countdown for episodes should not be included in the number of moderations if even Viki doesn’t know when that drama will come out.
  • Same for extra episodes coming later in a channel. The project should reappear among contributors’ moderations once it is clear when the episodes will come out.

A problem may arise if those moderators already have the 5 slots full. They’d be stuck, because a 6th project would pop up among their moderations. I guess moderators should try to keep in mind that they have a moderation “hanging” and leave a spot empty (or filling it only for a short period of time). In any case, if they end up with this 6th project, they’d simply be “penalised” by having their spots full for a longer period of time until they clear the 6th and 5th spot. But since there are projects that have been resting in the “coming soon” section for more than a year, it’s only fair that Viki finds a solution for this.

As for the proposal, I think it’d be good to have another tier added to those we currently have which would give us extra spots - Diamond QC (100.000/150.000 subs, maybe? + a clean record of finished projects) sounds great!
It’d be good if they could modify the tier division a bit, going for: QC-10.000, Gold QC-50.000 and Diamond QC-150.000. It’d be interesting to have it combined with how active a person is.

However, as @damiechan pointed out, “being very active is not a way to judge quality”. On the contrary, some “very active” contributors may tend to favor speed so much that their projects would not reach a satisfying quality, or they would not sub/edit with the necessary level of attention in projects they are working on as subbers/editors - which is something that already happens with people who have too much on their plate. I’m a bit hesitant to propose things in this direction, because the last thing I want is to encourage contributors to be faster but less precise for the sake of one or two extra spots.

  • Your totally right. In some cases no one know when specials will appear

I agree for those extra episodes. Then I’ve read here on another topic that some dramas lost their license. The current team had completed everything on it (translation, edition). Then, Viki get twice the license and the project came back in the dashboard of cm and modo ! WTF. Subs weren’t saved and the show came like a new one that you have to work on. It’s insane.


I like @simi11 idea in regard of the coming soon (or never) projects to not be count as a slot.

I once had a project that was delayed so often that I was the mod for almost 2 years until it finally was aired.

At that time there was no slot limitation so it was not a problem but today it would.

So the solution for such situations might be something like ~3 additional slots for coming soon project without specific air date and when one of such a drama is longer than 6 month in the coming soon section and still doesn’t have an air date its slot won’t be count for 6 months or so, so that the mod could work on available projects instead.


Maybe the solution for the projects in the coming soon section which take ages to air is just not appointing CMs until Viki’s sure of the airing date.


I also have a suggestion for this, I am often an editor in other projects, I think there could be a position called “Superior Editor” for each language, who checks the subtitles in his own language on the channel, so that it is possible to eliminate the fast workers from issuing poor quality subtitles. There was a time when I got rid of a subber because of my editor position, because he was not flexible enough to accept my corrections and instead threw the project away.

Hi everyone! Although I’ve said pretty much everything I had to say in the topic Viki created on this subject, now, a few months after the introduction of the projects limit, I still have a few things to say:

  1. Viki is working on changes to this limitation - information coming from Viki Staff for which I have approval to make public. They just said it will take a while… I tend to think we won’t hear from them about this until next year.

  2. I have already sent them in feedback a way to grant slots, but honestly I forgot what I wrote :joy::rofl:. I’ll try to look to see if I saved somewhere. Anyway, it was also something based on status, activity, and type of project (film/drama).

  3. As I predicted, my community has started to gather more and more projects without a moderator. I post all of them on the Discord server, where we have over 40 members, but no one rushes to apply for them.

  4. I certainly don’t want to see any more limitations from Viki, that is if they still want a volunteer based community.

  5. There is still the problem of teams making very slow progress with releasing episodes to all languages. I have 3 such projects. It is a very annoying situation.

  6. I agree with you, the projects should occupy the slots when:

  • they are licensed for all users in the country (in Romania we have projects available only for contributors so a simple user who only watches, cannot watch the drama/film);
  • only when the episodes are uploaded and can be worked on, only the episodes that make up the drama, so the script, should be counted;
  • the rest of the clips should be put in a special category, not to be counted for the slots.

In addition to the already existing condition, namely that related to the translation percentage.

  1. I also agree that many contributions does not necessarily mean quality. However, it should already be very clear that for Viki this will never matter, as they don’t have staff for every language here. So they can’t take measures that include the quality aspect. It will still be our responsibility to make sure that within each of our communities, we only encourage and help responsible contributors.

That’s pretty much all I had to say. In the meantime, Viki is busy introducing a new feature into Project Finder, something that absolutely no one has asked for and which will not make any beneficial difference to our work. :roll_eyes::expressionless::neutral_face:


Don’t forget about what situation was created after the limitation: projects without Moderator, but with Editors for that languages.


We have to see that. What a bad situation. I can see many projects without anybody as French moderator. French moderators are always busy with low projects and co moderations. It’s sad to see this happening.

Yes, and personally I have only 1 slot left, but I am thinking of not taking more project because I can’t edit that much in one week. I ended up with something like 20 episodes to edit 2 weeks ago because I could not follow (only 10 left because I have day off and was less tired). So as long as I don’t have an editor to help me or find a project I really want to work on as a French mod, I will keep it open.