QC Certificate

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to request a certificate to add to my resume and school applications, but no one has been replying.

Anyone here especially QCs help me out??

Hi, I have not heard of anyone yet received it what have you done so far?
There is the help center or email directly at support@viki.zendesk.com or pm
clara_sweetnara (vikiID) or pm kris_o, I think sending a PM through vikimail here on Viki
could be a faster way.
Good luck and let us know how did it go and if you have received your certificate! :+1:

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I went through the help center and it took a month, but that was last year. Can’t say anything about the turnaround for responses now.

I had the same experience last year. It takes an extremely long time to process, so make sure you email them early and go through the help and support system. I ended up just adding it on my common app and explained what I did but I didn’t use the official certificate. Most schools don’t want you to mail them in anyway.

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I think this (certificate) could work for using it as transferable skills if you haven’t worked for a while or you want to show you were applying a specific language including the team collaboration.
Im not sure what is exactly in this certificate mentioned? Subs, Roles, Languages?

Now Im getting interested to order one but I would like to hear from “receivers” what does such certificate contain??

  • how many subs/segs you have done
  • years of contribution
  • roles
  • contributon/participation in community discussions
  • recruiting newcomers
  • what else

I would really like to know what all it contains, anyone?? Thanks for feedback :+1:

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Thank You Viki for sending me the QC Certificate of Appreciation. It’s a beautiful design in pdf I have to yet to print!
For those who wonder, it states your real name (perhaps you need to write it out when you request it via the help center), number of subtitles and segments and since when you are a viki member. It does not state what roles and other contributions you have done, signed by Viki staff, I love the hand writing alike fonts!! Since it’s in pdf file, the delivery is quite quickly :+1:
Thank you @camiille :heart_eyes: :rose: