QC gift 2019 - what are your thoughts/suggestions?

Some QCs got their gift for 2018, some didn’t … Mister postman is still on his way. But as the content was shown by some receivers. One might think?
Is this it? It’s a bit like Christmas, you say thank you and wonder what to do with the things you hold in your hands.
So any suggestion for the gift of the year 2019, if there will be one?

I just noticed the change of Viki giving out quater gifts in future, what do you think?


I was unable to get the last gift they shipped out because I was having serious personal issues and was unable to check my inbox, I reached them out and there was nothing they could do. I personally don’t know how to feel about this, although I am surely thankful, this leaves so many questions for me…

Besides the QC Newsletter saying the gifts were shipped out, do I have any way to track this? The same email mentioned something about my QC membership card and to be sure to take note of it. But then again, what is it? Where do I find it? There is so many questions I have and I don’t feel like there is enough clearness on it, or a point of contact to reach.

As for the quarterly gifts, they will only be giving them out to the top 50, and as much as I love to contribute, I ain’t got enough time with school and my job to reach those top 50 so it really is a bummer for me. Maybe they could come up with a certain amount of points you could accumulate and trade on a QC store so you get to pick your gift according to the amount of points you’ve earned? IDK.


Contact them via Help Center https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Probably the easiest way,

About the quater gifts, I think that it will be most of the time the same people, it will overlap. As I mentioned in another thread. I do not mind volunteers “piling up” gifts this way, but I do not think it will attract volunteers for quality matters. We are back at square one in “Welcome to discussion quality over quantity” and I run out of steam for that.

Come to think of that looks like it doesn’t fit anymore, now quantity will surely win



While looking at the Top 50 volunteers of the month, I think Viki should think about a really good gift for those who are or are about to become millionaires in contributions. Because those contributors have/had the most stamina to make Viki what it is today, whatever their motivation is … I doubt their motivation will be changed by “collecting” blankets.


I like your idea better.
Instead of looking at a top list in as set timeframe, one could set “milestones”. Like 50.000/ 100.000/ 500.000/ 1.000.000 etc. And everyone who reaches this “milestone” could get a small “thank you, we see what you did and we apreciate it”. No matter if it took you a year or four to get to this point.
When you are active in an Organisation, doing voluntary Work, it often works like that. Sometimes it comes with the time you stayed active, somtimes with the things you do…
In case of viki, it would be nice to see that bringing x0.000. contributions is recognized the same, no matter if i got them fast, or with constancy/diligance.


Your idea would work perfectly for me, I work all day, so I can’t contribute always, just this weekend I reached 20.000 contributions, it would be good to be a little appreciated by VIki.

Question for the old guard around here:

they list “gold qc only” events. Okay - I have been a volunteer here since September 2016, and I’ve never seen 1 of these. Did they ever exist?

just curious. I mean, we all got the same stickers for the gift, there wasn’t any special treatment there…?

Got the gift finally, if you want to know more read here

As for suggestions… I thought the best one so far was the gift coupon for YesStyle.


Yesstyle products are pricey? I don’t think so. You can get many good quality products at good prices. I use Korean products just from that site.
@irmar Agree, that coupon was the best. But this year we didn’t get any emails or messages about the annual gift. We had to send our mailbox adress till the last day of Nov before. No news for now.


I just received my message to provide my address to receive my 2020 QC gift for my 2019 contribution as a volunteer.

You still didn’t get your PM for 2020 gifts?

PS>>>>I never said that Yesstyle products were pricey, to the contrary, I said they were the best gift here at viki. What I found very PRICEY was the RAKUTEN’S company variety of products. The shipping price are astronomical, so I couldn’t order things that I did liked.


I got the email and the PM too. After the PM they sent an email too with the Newsletter. It was later this year.


About 2 months ago, I got an email about confirmation for my quarterly gift. I still haven’t received it. Nor an email that it was sent. Then just recently I got the email for the QC gift and confirmation. So, I’m wondering will it be all sent in one package or am I receiving 2 packages.


This happened to me too and so far I have not received anything :thinking:

It’s too early. They usually arrive after March, don’t they?

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I’d gotten my Quarterly Gifts even though the message said QC gifts. It was a signed poster of a Japanese drama, more stickers, and a few more Japanese things.

QC gifts… not even sure it’ll happen this year because of the COVID virus.