Qualified segmenter list

If you too, you are fed up to arranged segment because people created them any old how , or you are fed up to search for qualified segmenter to have a proper work, here is a list that I thought to create to permit to segmenters to be known and to let Channel Manager where to find volunteer.


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I guess is good they have a list but being a NINJA academy graduate doesn’t guarantee they will be good segmenter. I have seen segments done by graduates that give a lot to be desired.

Their segments are so out of sync and cut the dialogue mid-way, with the excuse they don’t know the language. Common sense and patience will yield better segments. Knowing the language helps to make better segments but some people even though they know the language cut the segments wrong.

Yes, we do have people making segments just to get contribution count and their work is pure garbage, but we have others who are not graduate and give good quality segments.

I think the best segments are those that are not rushed. Observing the actor’s as they speak is key. Simple stuff that are never mentioned in the training because they are too busy explaining the function of the waves.
The people that are training segmenters are wonderful but some things have to be looked into. We can not train ppl based on the wave ‘‘and first hint of voice.’’ More emphasis is needed in making sure we observe the actor’s face, mouth movement when they start, when they stop and so on.

I have seen on NETFLIX, CABLE TV horrible out of sync subtitles which can only mean the segment was cut too soon or too late. I guess it will take some time before the art of segmenting can be improved.

However, my main point is, when doing segmenting please take your time bc in the long run it provides better quality segs.
That Is My Opinion.


I’m sure there will be some who are able to learn well just by reading the instructions carefully and watching the videos, but I’m also sure they are rather few. I had read everything very carefully at the very start of my ninja education, again and again. And yet again. I don’t know how many times. And I still made mistakes. And I don’t think I’m that stupid.
It’s one of those things where having a mentor helps.

The Ninja graduates who do a sloppy job must be not because they don’t know how to do it correctly, (because if you don’t know that you never graduate!) but because they got lazy with time.
Whereas a newbie who does a sloppy job CANNOT do better since nobody taught him/her yet. That’s the difference.
At least that’s what I have seen from my experience here.

I agree that one should not refuse non-graduates adamantly. If a non-graduate person asks me for a place in a team, I’d ask them to segment a 10-minute section as a sample. If it’s good then of course I’d take them, why not.
But I do understand that very busy CMs who have to form a team don’t really have the time to do this checking - or maybe they are not segmenters themselves so they don’t have the prerequisites to make a judgment. In those cases, a formal degree is a guarantee.


I agree to some point and I don’t in the same time.
Where I don’t agree is that people who are graduated from segmenting school, have hours of training and learn so many times the guides just to know all the basic rules. If you are not good and making a mess, you not even graduated from the Sandbox. Everybody don’t have the understanding, skills or the desire to do so.
So people who are graduated have passed before no less than 7 masters who had examine precisely each segment, in a way that sometimes make you angry to be judge so harshly but you quickly understand the need of that.
It can be true that sometimes graduated segmenter can do bad segment, but you av to know that from the moment you are graduated, you never loose that badge, so when you stop from 2 years and come back, obviously you’ve lost skills. That’s not an excuse and there is a lot of other reason like laziness, being fed up…

Where I agree with you is that people are great autodidact and learn very well with time to do segment that’s is incontestable.

For what is on NETFLIX and Co there are professional so they have the duty to provide professional segments and subtitles. But here we are volunteer and we are not payed. So we are doing the best we can.

But from what I’ve seen the most of bad segment were done by non graduated who turn themselves in segmenter than by graduated one.

Another thing is that being graduated doesn’t mean you rush to do segment and don’t watch at voice and lips movement, that is just that by knowing the basis and by practicing them in the school permit you to see that faster.

Anyway I totally agreed with you sentence “when doing segmenting please take your time bc in the long run it provides better quality segs.”


@imar Yes, you are right they are only but a few of them. I am also not one of them bc I still have a lot to learn.

We have many wonderful Qualified Ninja Graduates that their work exceeds our expectations.

I was just pointing out my experience with a few Ninja Graduates that their segments were so bad a CM had to delete them, and no longer was able to use them as segmenters.

I was just wondering how on earth they got their Ninja Segmenter badges, but you answered my question: They probably just got lazy with time and leave the segs, as is.

I mean segging is no easy picnic, so mistakes here and there are acceptable. After all, we are humans and make mistakes.

I would never do segments in a popular drama since I’m not a graduate. I only do segs in videos no one is willing to help out and they need a helping hand. I do my best and try to give my 100%

For example, I adjust and re-adjust them here and there. Then, I go back and watch the video and look in to every detail to see if further adjusting is necessary. In the long run, I end up doing some decent segs, compared to the Ninja Graduate that worked in the same video and their segs are in worst condition than mine.

It all boils to this, any work we do, as long as we give our 100% will always be the best.


I understand the issue regarding good quality in segmenting work. I had my own concerns when reviewing what others have done.

Perhaps what u can do is set up a segmenting test. After testing them, you can then list them as qualified segmenters. You can then annually send out emails or a re-test to ensure that they are still active. This may require you to recruit good segmenters as judges. However, this could leave new beginners as less desirable or competing to get a position. Therefore, perhaps labeling people as returning, continue active, and beginner–or a sort of label to organize and help promote volunteers.

Note: I am available for segmenting if anyone is looking for one. I am just working on one project with angelight.

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