Quality over quantity: how to avoid bad translations in subtitling


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Currently I’m reading a few threads about cussing words translation and i really dont know on which thread i should reply.there are several here.


When i clicked the second link it showed that i don’t have access to that topic



I will try it again, for any other regulars here, please try if you can open the topic.

I copied my answer, you can understand what the topic is about by reading it.


Nov '16

When is the last time you used the VOL button to suggest a subtitle or to rate a subtitle?
In the time it was introduced first, I tried it to understand how it works. You can see a very small number in my history and I never used it again.

Do you find the VOL tool useful?
No, not at all.

Does the placement of the VOL button interfere with your video watching and other activity on the website?
Interfere? I don’t know if I would go as far to say that, but for a tool I never intend to use, just the sight of it bugs me. So I would love to make that button go away from that spot.

Did the VOL feature play a role in introducing you to subtitling when you first visited Viki?
LOL, back then it didn’t exist, luckily, it would have confused me and would have given me the wrong idea of good subtitles.

If we are to improve the VOL feature, how would you suggest we improve it?
_ I think there is no way, or let’s say it would make less trouble, if you at least would ban it from dramas and movies. You would need to jump from that one line to the exact line into the subtitle editor to get the context, to be sure about the honorable speech used or not, if you translate from English to like me German. If it’s a dialogue, who is talking young to old, young people, they all use a different kind of vocabulary. So, at that point, what is the use of the one liner anyway???

Would you prefer that we keep the VOL feature or remove it altogether?
Remove it, that would be my wish. Or better said since you brought it up, it has been my wish it would disappear again.


The link is working fine for me. Try this one?


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It might be some bug normally the access is not related to the user’s profile, you are a basic user and can’t read it, @angelight313_168 and me are regular users and can read it. The only explanation I have right now, even though I never encountered it before.


It can also be that both of you have read this topic before it was archived.


No, I read it, then padmalayag tried and couldn’t, and then I asked angelight313_168 to try, and the outcome is Trust Level regulars can read it. You are in between basic and regular and a member, so you can’t read it as well?


nope, can’t read it either :slight_smile:


I can open it, but not if I try in incognito mode :woman_shrugging:


I went and added a reply to that topic. Now it should be on top of the “Latest”.
Oops, it’s not there!

Maybe it’s accessible only to those who took part in that conversation?


Probably because it was created by Viki staff, so later it was only made accessible for regulars back then, we learned that most of the staff are regulars, so now only users with the regular level can see and others don’t. Well can’t help it, I copied out my comment, so one can get the idea what that post was about.

Nope, regulars, as angelight313_168 was not taking part in it back then.



:notes: I wish I was a polyglot :notes: Nope! I only rated the languages, I practiced. :wink:

At any rate, this will all be archived soon, the profile page will get a facelift on the 28th! :wink: It always annoyed me seeing the QC trainee timeline. Maybe they should make a function to “hide details” for users, like a drop down arrow.


I’m wondering too! How our profile pages are going to change? I’ll take some screen shots! :laughing::grin::laughing:


Not much, I think they’re just cleaning up excess baggage. :wink:


Russian is very difficult! For example the word-help,
помощь, помочь, помоги, помогаю, помогу, поможем помогите (RUS)