Queen of mystery

ok another one I didn’t think I would, like, preceived thoughts.this one is sooo good! it may have copied the American version of the one years
ago. Kate Jackson & Boxleiner. ( oh yeah the mrs mricle fame lady cant think of her name!!)

anyway got a couple of questions for this version. the whistler, wasnt there a drama or two that had a whistler in it before he killed someone? seems like I did watch one like this. I can think of about three but still not sure. anyway, now like someone said, can’t wait for #2 coming up!!

why do they trreat her more lika a servant than a wife and daughter in law?

Suspicious partner.

So bummed out that season 2 is not licenced in Greece. :cry:
Any chance that it IS, but appears not to be, because it hasn’t started airing yet?
Come on Kocowa, don’t be like that to Europe… :unamused:

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Ehm… There are other ways to work around the problem.
P.S. Only now you have discovered that the main players don’t give a shit about small countries and limited audiences like ours? Netflix has only recently been looking towards it. (And they still haven’t called me, six months after telling me they would, bummers!)

Not a huge fan of “workarounds”… I can’t be bothered tbh, jut for 1-2 dramas. Υπάρχουν κι αλλού πορτοκαλιές… Netflix has a lot of good Korean dramas lately, in addition to other stuff. (I’ve been very into Spanish shows/movies lately :slight_smile:)

The thing is… If Viki gets to choose 1-2 dramas from Kocowa to licence in Europe, it makes sense to pick subsequent seasons from dramas they already have in their library…

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I don’t think it’s Viki’s decision.
And yes, you’re right, plenty of orange trees around, LOL!
If you’re interested in Indian films (good ones, commercial but well made, not crappy fluff), message me.

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Yeah!! I remember that now! the american one was scarcrow & mrs king! also loved the background music on our drama, “inspecter gadget”, well the ending wasn’t a good one, but next to #2 which hopefully it will be on soon they got the girl alive now, oh my on the edge of my seat! and romance brewing…

just wish they would get their acts together, per licensing and all,

I found queen of mystery #2 today, right here on Viki!!

The other shows with whistling serial killers

:heavy_check_mark:Gap Dong
:heavy_check_mark: Tunnel
:heavy_check_mark: Memories of Murder (movie)
:heavy_check_mark: Memoirs of a Murderer ( movie)

suspicious partner was already mentioned
I think Signal did too ( only watched 3 episodes)

Pretty much any crime show/ movie that depicts the unsolved serial murders in South Korea from 1986-1991