Question about a new drama

wasn’t Bride of the Water god on here before??

It’s under “Coming Soon” for me. I’m in the US.

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Yes, of course it was. I was English editor there. Maybe in the meantime it has lost its license for certain regions. I can still see it. Its page is here:

ok! I didn’t think I was imagining this et-865 I also am in USA thanks Irmar!

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I mentioned this some where on here, I went to YT to watch it, but the episodes were so bad esp 15 &16. 16 was so cut up it wasnt funny, so as of today I have 15 days to wait for it. (on another link I won’t mention) and on there 16 was terrible!

well finished 14,15,16, it was good. so I am satisfied, finished watching this drama!

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