Question about channels!

I have a big doubt. If I want to suggest a channel for viki do I need to have the videos to upload them or those viki add them?

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When Viki gets the license, than Viki will uploading the videos.

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@nicky2_9 that depends… for some channels you have to add eps yourself and for some you are not allowed to do so.
Like for Kdrama you are not allowed to upload episodes. Viki will do that when they have a license. You are allowed to add clips so if you want you can put teasers/trailers there. I think it’s the same for Japanese and Taiwanese content but to be sure just ask Viki as soon as they approved your channel since they might have changed the rules…

Thank you very much, I’ll have that in mind :smile:

What do we do in a channel? I mean, besides subtitling. I would like to be part of a channel team.

If you want to be part of a team just check the community walls of the series you watch. They mostly state which positions are still open or who you need to contact if you want to help out. If it states nothing PM the CM or let’s say the Spanish language mod if you want to sub in Spanish. (Do not forget to mention the series and where you want to help with!).

The various roles in a channel:

Channel Manager
This person is the ‘boss’ of the channel, recruits other team members and makes sure everything goes smoothly for the rest of the team. When you have a problem within a team it’s also the person you PM so he/she can solve it or ask Viki for help. Also sends out notifications to the followers of the channel with important updates about the series etc.

English Moderators
They help the CM so that everything goes smoothly. They also have various jobs depending on where the CM needs help with. Mostly it includes PMing seggers and/or subbers when an episode is uploaded by Viki/ ready to be subbed. But also includes checking the comment sections and from time to time answer comments or flag comments that are against Viki guidelines, moderating the timed comments etc. Help with recruiting sometimes too.

Other Language mods
Take care of everything in their own language so they recruit people for in their team to translate, answer questions in their language when needed etc. Can also help the other Mods of course.

They segment the video so the subbers can add their subs into those segments. No segments = No subs. Sometimes there is a chief too who sometimes does an extra check if everything is segged properly.

Adds subs into the segments the seggers made.

They check if the subs are correct and change them when needed. Some editors also check if the segments are on time but that depends per channel. Mostly there is a chief too so if you don’t know what you are supposed to do as an editor you can ask that person. If there is no chief ask the CM if you don’t know.

Page designer
Makes a nice community wall for the channel

Thank you card designer (optional)
Makes nice thank you cards to thank the team for their hard work every week.

Game master (optional)
In some channels we like to play games like guess the Kdrama or something. At times that also includes a prize from Viki but mostly it’s just for fun to do when waiting for the new episodes.


Thank you! Everything is clear to me now. Thank you very much!