Question About Content/Restrictions - New Viki Pass Member

I was curious, I remember reading somewhere that certain shows weren’t available on mobile, and was wonderiing if this holds true for Viki Pass members. If so, does this also hold true for the Xbox app (hooked up my 360 since there isn’t app available for the Xbox One or PS4 yet).

I will either be watching through Chromecast or 360 until an app for the next-gen systems comes out, but I wanted to know about possible content restrictions depending on where I consume viki content (web vs xbox vs android/chromecast). Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated, thank you all.

Hi, yes. The viki pass will only allow you to watch without adds, the Viki pass can’t change the channel restrictions, on mobile no fan channels are available if I’m not mistaken. The restrictions are negotiated with the provider of the show so it doesn’t affect the kind of devise you use. This is what I understand I may be wrong but I hope it helps.

Anyone know if the xbox app falls under the mobile restrictions?